Back in the age of Tirras, Bomberman fansites were a dime a dozen on the good ol' information super highway. Now it's hard to find anything substantial. I'll try and scrounge together what's left, as well as Internet Archive links to those that have ceased existing.

Do The Hudson!!

The English Hudson Soft site, which sadly only covers their mobile gaming productions.

Bomberman Board

The heart and soul of what remains of the Bomberman community. Get involved! Give it a bit of life, why don't ya.

Caught In The Can

DragonBomber's site with some very extensive in-depth reviews for each game!

Bomberman's Basement

DragonBomber's previous site. I'm kinda biased towards it more because it's so Geocities-licious.

Josh Jones' Super Bomberman 4 shrine

Quite possibly the oldest Bomberman site still standing. Detailed information and some fun character writing.

Alex's Bomberman SS Shrine

A dinky old shrine for the game, with lots of imagery and music.


A LiveJournal community centred around Bomberman fan-made materials: fanart, fanfiction and whatnot.

Bomberman Jetterz Unofficial Fansite

A cute little fansite with some basic info about the show, though there's a fair few broken links.

BakugaidenFan's YouTube channel

BakuGaiden videos in numerous languages! Everything but English, unfortunately, but it's a joy to have it accessible.

Bomberman Wikia

The quality's a bit turbulent, but it's promising! Probably about the most informative Bomberman page you can find online - when you aren't stumbling across pages for somebody's made-up dream game, that is.

Bomberman webring

Does anyone still use these things?

Channel Bomberman

Sadly deceased, and the Internet Archive has nothing but the updates accessible. Shame.

Hudson Soft

The official website for the company behind Bomberman, and all manner of franchises that never left Japan.

Official Bomberman site

What would a collection of Bomberman links be without it? Check the master game list and visit the unique sites for each game; it's definitely worth a gander.

Tadaima Bomberman Land

A cute fansite with lots of delectable details on obscure merchandise, among other features!

Vitamin Joker

Some small gameplay info, but mostly focuses on fan materials.


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