Bomberman Collection


Title (Japanese)

ボンバーマンコレクション / Bomberman Collection

Title (Korean)

봄버맨 셀렉션 / Bomberman Selection


Game Boy (JP)
Game Boy Color (KO)




(see individual game entries)




Hudson (JP)
Daewon C.I. (대원씨아이) (KO)


21 July 1996 (JP)
24 June 2003 (KO) (src)

Japanese box
(front / back / top / cartridge)

Korean box
(front / back / cartridge)
Korean box images from retroworldkorea2015.

A compilation title that bangs the first three Game Boy instalments together into one cartridge:

The games are presented exactly as they were in their standalone releases, with no modifications made (except for a minor addition - see trivia).

For individual gameplay information, see their respective pages.

Bomberman Selection

An exclusive Korean version released nearly seven years later, for some reason! Only compatible with the Game Boy Color, this release adds new colour functionality to Bomber Boy and Bomberman GB, but omits Bomberman GB 2.

Aside from the additional colours and smoother fade transitions between screens, the games play identically to their original Japanese versions. Notably, Bomberman GB features a brand new (if grammatically challenged) English translation, including the intro cutscene that was excised from the official western release, Wario Blast.

Japanese manual

Download here (3.3MB Zip file).

Bomberman Collection page (defunct)

There used to be a promotional site for the compilation and its three games, but it's long since gone.

InterHoney - Bomberman Collection (archive)

As far as I'm aware, completely identical to the page above! The only change is an introduction by Chiyomi Takahashi, the actress who portrayed Honey in TV commercials at the time.

Game East: Daewon C.I. releasing "Bomberman Selection"

A press release dated June 24th 2003 on the Korean release of the game.

Weekly Famitsu

[what issue was this in, and does anyone have a scan?

Awarded a 23 out of 40. [src]

Super Game Boy support

Bomber Boy had no Super Game Boy support, and hence no unique palette. Bomberman Collection rectifies this with a warm orange hue to replace the boring greys. It has no unique border, however - it keeps the border from the menu screen.

emulation notes

For whatever reason, Bomberman Collection has trouble running in a few emulators, namely VisualBoyAdvance. If you select one of the three games, it will reset back to the title screen.
Using KiGB will successfully emulate the games without hassle.

Bomberman Selection is even more troublesome to get running.
hhugboy is one of the few emulators that runs it properly.

Bomberman Selection

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