Ragey's Totally Bombastic Bomberman Shrine Place was made public on September 1 2009, though individual shrines for Bomberman Quest, Super Bomberman 4, Bomberman Tournament and Fantasy Race had been created the years before. See updates for a chronology.

The Shrine Place lasted all of seven months (if that!) before I stopped updating because I hated the layout. Another nineteen months later, and I published this new version! It's like a horrible merry-go-round of short-lived productivity and perpetual grouchiness.

Why a Bomberman fansite?

Well, it's a laugh, innit? I've been a rather irrational fan of the series for a long time. I like the games. I like what exceedingly little fiction there is in the series. It's fun, and it's probably the only series I feel I could do justice making a fansite about.

Plus, man, what a challenge! A semi-popular yet still obscure series where over half the stuff is left in Japan, and the games have an incredibly loose yet sometimes-noticable sense of continuity! It'd be a shame to let something like that just be ignored, right? Hence the site's rather ludicrous fixation on all manner of reference material. Plus, it's a good way of making yourself look frightening. "Watch out for that Ragey guy, man - he runs a Bomberman fansite!"

Although it would be pretty nifty to create the definitive, perfect, 100% comprehensive English Bomberman site on the internet (imagine the bragging rights!), I'm just one guy. My personal ambition with the site is just to share whatever content I have, even if it means the site will be forever plagued with unfinished sections and "under construction" GIFs.

Reading pages

I organise dates by day-month-year. Just so you know.

[more to come when I can be bothered - if it's even necessary!]


If you missed the button on the main page, my email addresses and whatnot can be found here!

Q) What is your legal standing for hosting books, manuals and music?
A) Not a good one!

My personal reasoning is that, let's face it, these are instruction booklets and game guides for video games that are over a decade old by now, if not more. Hudson and the related publishers certainly aren't going to reissue them, nor are they actually profitting from them anymore - they've been out of print for ages, after all.

That ain't how copyright law works, though, so I expect to get thrown in the slammer in, say, eight weeks time? I'll keep you posted!

Q) Why is the site's name so stupid?
The original design for the Shrine Place was made to imitate the look and feel of old fansites on the likes of Geocities and Tripod, with intentionally amateur page design and an over-long title that crammed the webmaster's name into it; because how else were you going to tell all these fansites apart? It seemed funny at the time! Now it just seems egotistical when it wasn't meant to be. Welp!

Q) Can material be contributed to the site?
A) Certainly! If you've got something worth sharing on the site, be it a correction, translation, screenshot or anything in general, send it on over.

Though, uh, what incentive you'd have submitting to me for approval instead of putting it on the Bomberman Wikia yourself is beyond me. I appreciate the thought, though!


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