ONM Remembered – #429

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“It’s like a Mario platformer only YOU DRAW the levels. If you can’t see what’s awesome about that, batter yourself now. With a wet fish. Hard.”

from Official Nintendo Magazine issue 148 (January 2005)

I feel like I’ve written the same sentence every time I talk about console previews. New consoles are exciting, alright? And the DS wasn’t just a new console, it was a weird new console – how are going to play with two screens now? And touchscreens? What the heck is this, Star Trek?! I only have two hands and two eyes, Nintendo!
It was an interesting new change and kind of cemented Nintendo’s slant towards oddball innovations ever since… as well as their inability to just get things right the first time. (How many DS variants were there in the end…?) It’s not a handheld I have many personal comments about; I’ve grumbled about its dodgy library numerous times I’m sure, but I simply didn’t invest as much into it as I did the GBA for me to grow mildly impassioned about it. Sorry, DS! You’re at the threshold where my nostalgia grows faintest!

I will say, gosh, did they make Yoshi Touch & Go sound way more exciting than a slightly polished-up tech demo.

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