ONM Remembered – #409

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“Finish that zombie then take out the bad-ass with the teddy”

from Official Nintendo Magazine issue 122 (November 2002)

I’m a lousy person for not appreciating what I’ve got until it’s gone, and the GBA… no, I don’t think I can bring myself to say it. Not yet, anyway. Buying that Earthworm Jim port only to discover it was a choppy, clunky mess was a bit of a day ruiner. And you wonder, even if I did trade it in, what else was there worth getting?

That aside, it’s still mighty nifty looking back at the handheld’s lineup and the sheer variety of stuff there was for it. I admit I thought it was a bummer that ONM’s reviews were so brief, but looking up footage of the games does reveal there’s not a lot of meat on their bones, so I suppose the bite-sized reviews worked well in that regard. And hey, you get more reviews for your buck! Now you can learn that the GBA hosted a gaiden-sequel to obscure PlayStation beat-em-up Gekido, and the developers behind Pink Panther Goes To Hollywood were riding high on Nickelodeon money to deliver us the same old crap a decade later!

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