ONM Remembered – #403

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“Just like in the cartoon series!”

from Official Nintendo Magazine issue 94 (July 2000)

As regaled back in the coverage of the Pokémon Master Guide, what was meant to be a mere dip of the toe into the Pokémon waters became a fully-fledged plunge. My brother and I were bought both versions of the game, we were up early watching the show on SMTV, we quickly amassed any and all plastic merchandise on shelves, and we were hungry for more games. So naturally yet another version of the same game only this time you don’t have to spend three hours trawling the Viridian Forest for a bloody Pikachu was something we couldn’t live without.

My brother got the game and was ecstatic at the animated intro, depicting the little critter surfing, floating and jump-kicking across the screen. He just had to show dad. “It’s Pikachu!”
Dad flashed Pikachu the finger.
In hindsight, I’d say he was totally justified.
(thanks for putting up with us dad)

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