ONM Remembered – #401

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“So if you’ve got any sense, you’ll give them a ring! … and if you haven’t got any sense, you’ll be too busy playing on your Amstrad GX4000 and crying intermittantly.”

from Mean Machines SEGA Issue 5 (February 1993)

I was hoping at some point there’d be a good thorough archive of Charlie Brooker’s stupid old comics, as every time I research I find there’s more I’d never even heard of.
Before his personal website was shuttered because what idiot would host such puerile, geeky filch when they have potential career opportunities on the line, there once existed a little corner for Here’s Toby highlights and trivia. Every single one of the images is broken, but them’s the breaks. When you spend your free time trying to salvage websites of years gone by, you have to get used to a little heartbreak.

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