ONM Remembered – #213

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A (tenuous) Link to the Festivities

from Official Nintendo Magazine issue 148 (January 2005)

The artwork used through this issue’s review of Four Swords Adventures had all the Links’ hats recoloured to red, and for the longest time (ten years, if we’re counting!) it boggled the hell out of me. I mean, they were coloured correctly on the cover – did something go wrong in the printing press? Did ONM get a dodgy batch of art files from Nintendo’s press release or something? What possible explanation could there–
They’re Santa hats.
They’re little bloody Santa hats with fuzzy bobbles on the end.

Finally identifying that after ten years of “okay what’s going on here,” my first reaction isn’t, oh, that’s cute. It’s instead, wow, that is the worst edit I’ve ever seen in the magazine’s history. They haven’t even got outlines, for crying out loud! You’ve got the budget to throw Tim Weaver in a robe and wizard hat, but not enough for some drop shadow? Step up your game, lads. You’re ruining Christmas for all of us.
(the review itself was pretty decent though)

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