ONM Remembered – Miyamoto Week, day 3

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“I can’t tell you any secrets just yet or I’ll get in trouble with my bosses!”

from Official Nintendo Magazine issue 86 (November 1999)

This multi-page feature about Zelda: The Continuing Saga (an early name for Majora’s Mask) featured little bits of Miyamoto wisdom sprinkled throughout, though all of it was inane factoids that you could have assumed anyway. The questions are all about Majora’s Mask, so it’s not exactly gripping, personal questions, but it’s always intriguing to hear what Miyamoto likes best about his projects, or how he works.
What’s interesting to me is that even as late as the end of 1999, Zelda on the 64DD was still a possibility? Just how long did they keep that train wreck on life support anyway?

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