ONM Remembered – #167

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“Pikmin oozes innovation and originality but don’t let its cutesy style fool you as there are plenty of brain-busting puzzles.”

from Nintendo Official Magazine Issue 118 (July 2002)

A complete walkthrough to the first Pikmin game! A guide! An FAQ! Tips and tricks and what-have-you! The tasks and actions one must perform to be rewarded the privilege of viewing the credits! SYNONYMS!!

While scanning these mags a year and a half ago I always kept an eye open for walkthroughs. Partly because I’m a sucker for any and all maps, and it never hurt to have a personal copy of these should I ever try to beat Pikmin sometime in the near future.
It’s a game I’d love to see through to the end, but the maddeningly dense AI on the little skitters has always put a damper on that. The guide may offer the finest tactics on how to fell a Puffy Blowhog, but it doesn’t tell you how to stop the little shits walking into lakes. I lost good men on those extremely wide bridges.

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