ONM Remembered – #472

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“Apparently, us British love to eat sissy scones with our tea! What a cheek!”

from Official Nintendo Magazine issue 88 (January 2000)

The Nintendo 64 and SEGA Dreamcast both had rather eclectic libraries with a curious amount of overlap between them, and almost always with games that made you breathlessly wonder, who was this made for? Chef’s Luv Shack is no doubt closer to the South Park source than a kart racer or dodgy reskin of Turok, but it’s still a pretty puzzling tie-in.

The stills in these scans look astoundingly show accurate, though – even if I’d no interest in the show, I was deathly curious to see the game in action back then just to marvel at it getting the look down pat! Well, um, I finally looked up the game on YouTube, and it looks and moves like a cheap Flash game. I mean, I know the show does as well, but– ah, forget it. (what was i expecting, the cartridge to have genuine paper cutouts inside?)

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