ONM Remembered – #470

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“Given the massive storage capacity of Nintendo’s disk drive, Mother 3 will undoubtedly be the biggest adventure game ever on a home console.”

from Official Nintendo Magazine issue 64 (January 1998)

In the early of days of ONM you couldn’t go ten pages without it going ARE YOU HYPED FOR MOTHER 3???? And, frankly, it was hard to tell what all the excitement was about. Earthbound never saw release in the UK, and ONM being ONM, it did a poor job of actually conveying what was appealing about the franchise. Seeing nothing but the same features being touted and promotional screenshots rolled out again and again did nothing to help. It was a good day if I could even identify what was pictured in a single screenshot.

It took watching this janky old trailer to actually comprehend what was going on… and y’know what? Now I can see what the fuss was about! Those early attempts at polygonal spectacle are strangely charming, and being able to plaster my face on an NPC during a dramatic moment would’ve been worth the price of admission.

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