Good news, gang! A new Motorbike Man episode is on the way (unless I give up and turn it into a scrapped episode), I'm writing a new piece of General Writing, and I finally got one of them hit counter things, so I can definitely verify it's two people a day, not three like Galvatron thinks. If I'm right he owes me a Coke.

And in unrelated news, I completed Mega Man X3 today. Wahey.



Fixed now. Turns out Internet Explorer's offline setting was cock-ballering everything. I swear I'll actually get something, but I'm having some major brain farts here.



I'm sure I updated the blog on the 24th, but apparently not. =/

So where are the updates? My Internet's mildly buggered. I say mildly, because my Internet works fine, I can play Halo, use MSN Messenger, download stuff; the essentials of Internet browsing. However, certain things don't work, or their working power is lessened. Namely, SmartFTP takes five minutes to open a folder, I can't watch the videos on GameSpot, and a few other things.

Taking advantage of the fact that I probably won't get any content (or any content worth looking at) for a while, why not drop me some feedback? I'm interested to know what you all think. And I'm lonely. I mean, my Tripod site got five feedback messages during it's year-long run, yet it only had crappy drawings. This site offers so much more, and people ignore just to inform me about JPG compression at MS:MIA. Besides MS:MIA, I've had a whopping two messages.

So seriously, give me a buzz about what you like and don't like about the site, what you'd like to see more of, and all that crap. [and this applies anytime, so seriously, send me an e-mail]



Jeepers, today has possibly been the most offending day of Halo ever. Galv' and I pissed off a ton of people, and I almost feel bad about it. Then I remember it's the internet, so lol.

Most notably, we landed in a women-only server (that, surprisingly, was actually full of women, besides myself and the Decepticon leader), and I did my usually calling them fatties when they killed me, and they kicked up a fuss. According to their logic, being fat is the equivalent of contracting twelve kinds of cancer, and making fat jokes is like doing a Nazi impression in front of a Jewish person.

They were saying how women take fat jokes personally [get some self esteem girlfriend lol], and felt the need to list all medical illnesses you would get from being fat. And also said I could find more in my woman's medical book, to which I was surprised. Women have specific medical books? Next thing you know they'll have auto repair systems.

So yeah, offensive, but lolarious.



Alien Hominid finally arrived today, and it's a drastic improvement over the terribly shitty Flash version, although it's not without it's flaws. Namely, the temporary invincibility when you revive seems very erratic, sometimes allowing you to survive attacks, but sometimes letting you die just after respawning, which is very cheap. Secondly, you can change the headgear of your alien, but not the colour; that'd be very handy in 2-Player, where it's too easy to get who you are mixed up. Despite those nags, it's still a great little game, and I recommend it. [not anymore]

In site-related news, I aim to get some real textual stuff from myself; maybe some reviews or something.



Footage of Metal Slug 6's first three missions have popped up on Google Video. Check it out here, or download it via the Metal Slug Database.

My opinion?

Apart from my usual blub-blub-blubbering, it's still the same-old Metal Slug gameplay, and gameplay is what's important, so naturally I'll be taking a look into it sometime. Maybe get an update for MS:MIA out of it!


And also, I can't help but notice SNK pulling a SEGA on their two recent Metal Slug games. Metal Slug 6 has the new alien race introduced to make things DARK AND HARDCORE AND GRITTY AND ANGST'd. Just like Shadow!

And then there's Metal Slug Evolution, which hasn't had any gameplay footage since whenever. A year ago? Two, maybe? Instead, it's been showing off promotional artwork and movie scenes and so on, instead of showing what the game actually is. Just like Shadow! [UPDATE] Not anymore.

And speaking of that art, all the characters' have incredibly ugly faces. Except for Tarma and Allen. Everyone else really needs remodelled; particularly Fio. Her hair is pink, of all things!


[UPDATE] Dan at the MSDB forums is getting his panties in a twist over MS6, and just about the whole series. And everyone's gang attacking him over it. Normally, I would simply shout at everyone, stating that a man can have an opinion, and it's immature to insult him and nag at him about it.

But considering Dan's opinion is unbelievably stupid, I can't blame them. I mean, sure, I have complaints with the series and this instalment, but he's just griping at everything. His statements on it can all be summarised as "EVERYTHING IS STUPID"; or more accurately, "BLUB BLUB BLUB BLUB BLUB".

Plus, in the time he used to write that, he could've made friends. Or gotten a new dog (burrrn).

In other news, Galv' and I played a number of rounds of Halo, all of which were pretty pants. The most exciting thing was SEEING AND DRIVING FLYING CARS



F-Zero GX is badass, and I forgot how unbelievably awesome Batman: The Movie is.

And today, instead of playing Halo, Galvatron and I played i-sketch.

I would like to say we played fairly, maturely, cleanly, and politically correctly; but I would be spewing lies.

But we had tons of fun. Things went downhill when other people joined and started insulting our art, resulting in some very mature insults back.

And that's my story.



Whoo, F-Zero GX and Batman: The Movie arrived today!

I've little to say. Just keepin' you posted.



So what's going on down in Groove Town? Not a lot. I mean, it's the Easter holidays. Best make use of it by not doing anything.

The most I've been doing is playing Mega Man X Collection, Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, and for some inexplicable reason, Super Smash Bros. Melee. And I've been looking and going "WOW" at the stuff I got.

Played some interesting games of Halo with Galv' lately, but none worth documenting. Maybe.

And now you know.



The best way to wake up in the morning is to see a package of MARIO KART FIGURINES ON YOUR DESK

Seriously, what's up with my camera? It's like it can only take shitty photos.

So I'm happy, feeding my addiction and all. Problem is, all the auctions selling these didn't actually show how big they were, and the stock photos made them look massive. As you can see, with them sitting next to a bendable Big figure, they're not that large. But they're still incredibly awesome, and I'm surprised at the detail on them. I mean, there's not a lot of detail, but the fact the paint isn't smudged and that they have coloured eyes is awesome.

And what's even better is that they have pull-back motors! And those motors are powerful. Pulling them back two centimetres makes them drive quite a distance, and even further is a ridiculous amount.

So yeah, another purchase proving to be awesome, with five more to come. I'm getting awfully excited. =)


[UPDATE] Two more packages arrived! My Mario Party figurines, and two Sonic keychains. I was going to talk about them, but I'll save myself the effort and just show off all my stupid desktop decorations.


There's my Doraemon alarm clock, giant Knuckles and Sonic (holding a bendable Robotnik), and a dwarf statuette. At the front are the aforementioned Mario Kart figurines, and dotted around them are Mario Party figurines, Bombermen, shown-previously bendable Big, and the Sonic keychains. In front of the dwarf is a faulty Logic 3 GameCube memory card, and next to Doraemon is a bucket of dead batteries.

So whoo =0


also haha what @ tails



The Red Eye sheet is nearing completion completed, I've been playing Mega Man X Collection a lot, and Galvatron and I just played one of the awesomest games of Halo ever.


It was one of those annoying "rockets only" ones where all knowledge of it being CTF goes out the window and everybody just kills people. However, the red team were right gits about it, using ghosts, banshees, tanks, and CAMPING all against us. That ain't cool.

So instead of being nice about it and just accepting the fact that our enemies are cheap bitches (you know, in the biased "grr enemies are wrong" opinion that you get when you play online games), we relieved our stress and annoyance by shouting at them. A lot.

What did we shout at them? Insults, with combinations of "fvck", "fat", "gay", "butter", "fag", and during a couple of instances, "incestor" and "circus freak".

Naturally, the reds weren't happy with this and insulted back, but seriously how do you make a comeback when the insults mostly consist of you being called fat? They made jabs at their sexuality or that they're fat as well, but it just gave us more reason to call them fat.

Notably, some guy named Jesus (not the real J.C., just a low-quality knockoff) said I gave blow jobs to my male parent figure after a match. "Hitting it hard there" was my reply, and through some circumstances I can't remember, I managed to accuse him of doing that. And then after I called him a fat, he said I was referring to his ding dong, and went into totally disgusting graphic detail of it. He even said it was like a burrito. My comeback? Not only is this knockoff Jesus a noob, a fatty, and incestor, but also a circus freak.

This kind of crap went on for a while, and when knockoff Jesus left, our job was finished. I mean, the reds would melt. Being butter fatties and all.


Politically correct jib jab.

I have no problems with fat people, gay people, or circus freaks. Incestors, however.


[UPDATE] Today has been one of the funnest days of Halo ever. Somehow, calling people fatties and repeatedly accidentally-on-purpose betraying some people makes things a million times funner.



Animal Crossing has been sent out, and I am now relieved of that dreadfully boring game. At least it had Wario's Woods, IN CRAPPY PAL EMULATION FORMAT >:U

And one of my eBay purchases arrived today.


Paws off Knuckles. >:{


And it's a very good game. The entire Mega Man community may have been blubbering bitches about being promised all this "fine" content (REWRITTEN TEXT AND REMIXED MUSIC GOLLY GOSH) and then having it thrown away because of Inafune being a big buttery hoarding man for his Maverick Hunter remakes, but the games are ported so brilliantly, it's a shame they had to ignore that because they're frustrated they still have to see "overwright" on MMX6's save screen. [actually each game is given the same save screen with proper spelling so "overwright" is missing in action, but it was the only spelling error I could remember]

So the Mega Man community is full of whiners. ONTO MORE PRESSING MATTERS

What you see above are the insides of the boxes for Mega Man X Collection (left), and Mega Man X Command Mission (right).

MMXC is an American game, and to my surprise, the box is crazy different. The memory card slot is on top, the disc slot lacks the little tab you press down (making getting the disc out weird), and the box closes in such a weird way that it's awkward to retrieve the manual.

Whereas all the PAL games have their boxes assembled in Germany. God bless them!


Also, take note of our crappy Mega Man X Command Mission art. According to Capcom of Europe, having clipart of characters on a white starburst is "dynamic" and "eye-catching". Capcom of Europe should be punched in the face.


[UPDATE] Now haven played each game a little bit, I'm certain this is great. I recommend it.

No script rewrites, no remixed music, nor even new voices? SHOCK HORROR I DON'T CARE. What does sort of bug me is that all the videos are compressed, which I can't blame them for, but it really uglies up the Mega Man X3 movie scenes. Then again, just like everything else that was dropped, it's merely flair, and the games themselves are still great, so not much lost in my opinion.



I'm really wanting this Red Eye sheet out of the way, but now my save data for 2nd Mission has cocked up quite severely, leaving me without Tequila. I can load save states with him fine, and when I finish a level, I can still choose another, but returning to the character select only has Gimlet and Red Eye available.

This wouldn't be so bad if there was somewhere I could get a totally complete save data of the game, but it appears that Zophar's Domain is the only place for save states, and it appears to have died.



~-A family member

It is with great despair that I inform that Mark Johnston, the webmaster of Random Hoo Haas, was killed in a fatal car accident just eight hours ago haha april fools up yo ass


I'm not dead, nor is the site. I'm just a bit busy because I'm ripping all of Red Eye's sprites from Metal Slug: 2nd Mission, which is a hell of a lot. I've also gotten myself an eBay account, and have splurged out on a number of things, so I'll be occupied with games and Mario action figures. And I've been digging about for Game Boy manuals and boxes so I can sell some, and finally, the Easter holidays are soon, so I'll most likely be slacking off.

In an attempt to make this more interesting, here's my current status in Wario's Woods, should anyone care.

So the more you know.