Wow, a single day after putting my game up, I got a buyer. That's awesome. Now that I know how the whole thing works, expect some more games and whatnot from me. =0

So I was playing Halo today with Galvatron, and we came across an unexpected joy. See, some guy, Haloidi, got the flag and was bringing it back to base. Galvatron, being a dick as we usually are, killed him and took the flag for himself. Haloidi returned the favour, and Galv' pulled the same, but instead asked the other team if they wanted their flag back, and that they did. So he returned it to them.

And Haloidi was furious. Started screaming bloody murder and vowed to kill Galvatron. I became his bodyguard. Here's a condensed list of things he cursed at the poor guy.

And then he left. We were saddened. But just like Christ, he came back with "damn i hate you hate", and asked him why he did such a vile act of flag returning.



<Galvatron> I don't know, but I'm glad I did.


<Haloidi> WHY HELL WHY

<Galvatron> Because you will hopefully get on RHH, congrats.



Then Galv' was auto-banned for killing him. Haloidi was pleased, naturally, and became a significantly less interesting person. I tried to invoke some interest by toasting him, but all that did was make him throw grenades at me more, with no chit chat. Then he left.

All in all, very fun.



Quite the excite today. I began the day by actually having breakfast, which is something I just about never do. Then I played through all of Metal Slug 3 with Galvatron, bearing extreme lag, and only having to continue around thirteen times. And I completed Gunstar Super/Future Heroes with Red on Easy. Worthy mentions of excite include playing a mediocre game of Halo with Galvatron and discovering LEGO Star Wars 2.

I don't think I mentioned it, but the guy who sold me F-Zero GX appears to have vanished, as he hasn't dispatched the game, sent any messages, nor replied to mine. He has some feedback from somebody else who had the same problem as I. This is strange, as the person had perfect feedback for the three years prior, so he's just vanished or something.

This means either I'm swindled out of £10, and have to get it from someone else; or the seller is merely gone for some time, and may actually get around to refunding my money or whatever. Either way, nobody really wins. You know, the first being me thieved and the other the guy not getting cash.


Anyone? :3



I just watched House of Flying Daggers there, a Chinese action/romance movie about love sparking between two people of different alliances, and their relationship. It's also got some downright crazy fight scenes, so that's me sold.

One of the things I have always questioned is this: After watching a dramatic movie, where the ending is tragic and tear-jerking, but also partly uplifting; what do you do?

With a comedy, you can go "hey remember that bit haha that was cool" or look at the outtakes, and the same to action movies. But my father (whom I was watching it with) and I just kinda sat in awkward silence. He asked me what I thought of the movie, I said "oh, great", he said "yeah".

Then he pointed out that the final fight scene was filmed in Ukraine, and started talking about the country and the Soviet union.




I wanted to rant about Mario Kart DS here, the people you meet online, and what real bastards they are. And maybe GODDAMNED SNAKING, too.  But I decided not to be GameFAQs personified and thought it'd be more fun to list what Galvatron and I did in Halo today.

Excitement abounds.

And F-Zero GX is still to arrive, despite the fact I ordered it more than a week ago. =(



Steve's Gamecube is still cocked, but he's coping. I'm still enjoying TimeSplitters 2. The Story mode is pretty ho-hum in comparison to Goldeneye, although co-op is definitely a plus, and the movie scenes are just great, with those zany characters and all that. I'm having tons of fun with Arcade and Challenge modes. Beheading zombies with your knuckles? Awesome.

So I finally finished that cartoon thing. I'm glad I finally finished that thing, as it's been almost finished for over a month, and all I needed was to write a couple of paragraphs about a cartoon, touch up a few things and get those last pictures. It was started at the beginning of February. Yeesh.

I kinda hoped for it to be better, with higher quality images, maybe an image gallery for each one and even some video clips, but having to rely on slow downloads and DVDs that I'm unwilling to buy because they only have four episodes when I want a whole series. And also because my DVD Player has a record function that records clips, but crashes whatever program tries to play them, including file converters.

I plan to rewrite that friggin' Shadow rant before doing another big writing thing, as that rant has been bugging me since I wrote it.



So Steve is just accepting his Gamecube's irregular operative nature, although he hopes to have the problem disposed of sometime.

TimeSplitters 2 arrived today. It's pretty dang cool; controls are a touch wonky, but I'm enjoying it, especially co-operative mode, something more games should have. Touch disappointed with how easy bosses become when you've got two players blasting them with shotguns and magnums, but I suppose that's to be expected. I'm still undecided if it'll top Goldeneye in my opinion, but with neat challenges, plenty of multi-player modes and characters, comical character designs and tons of weapons, it'll look like it'll be a winner.

And the best part? I got it for £10. Cheap as chips, as that orange man says.



Resident Evil 4 arrived yesterday, and a huge, lumpy package layered in cellotape arrived today, which was the Gamecube, controller, and Resident Evil. Steve had already played 4, as he kindly pinched my Gamecube and used it yesterday, so I brought the package over to have mine returned.

He had friends over yesterday, and from what he told me, he had been up to 4am playing it and talking, and it was noticeable. Pillows and blankets were strewn about the living room, and the tables were covered in plates and glasses, some with curry on them. It was like something Lister would do in Red Dwarf.

So then he popped the game in his very own Gamecube and showed me; and damn, that game is rock-awesome. Before I knew of it, I was barely a fan of the series. To me, it was simply unintentionally humourous acting with predictable settings, and while it's pretty much like that in the fourth instalment, it's certainly a million times more fun to play. Screw preset camera angles, tank-like and restricted movements, and general lack of freedom; this kicks it in the ass and gives a solid dose of FUN.

So then the other guys woke up and started watching, and two had a go. Mark Melling lasted briefly, and died by being swung into the ground by a farmer. Shane lasted longer, and managed to get to a shopkeeper, but then Steve started guiding him on his buying and gradually took over his go. He beat the giant crocodile and the ogre thing (with the help of the PUPPY <3), and then I thought I should head back, and that I did.

And it's only now that I know how cold it is out there. My manly feature was feeling like an igloo. =(

Also, the president's daughter is supposed to be 20? haha what


[UPDATE] Huh, brilliant. Steve phoned me later, saying that the Gamecube wasn't reading the discs. I checked Answer Bag and found nothing (and I'm unwilling to ask it, because it takes a decade for anyone to actually respond [and when they do it's usually an insult of some sort]) where I called him back for more details, where he said it was now working. He said that he put in Resident Evil, where it said it couldn't be read, and to check the manual; the manual said the disc was dirty and to clean it, so he did that and cleaned the disc reading portion of the Gamecube, as there could have been dirt there (as the exterior was dirty), but it didn't work, nor did any of the other games. It just fixed itself, apparently.

So I'm happy, but then he phones again saying it's not working. I send an enquiry to Nintendo and I'm impatient for a response because I'm an impatient git. Galvatron suggested looking at an FAQ about it, but it just made me worried that I wasted £45 on a broken Gamecube. I mean, when it played, it played perfectly. Other than the dirt, I saw no problems with it. It was like new.

So anyone who can help, please do so. =(



An hour after waking up, and today is the worst day ever. Or one of them, anyway.

Firstly, the Gamecube + 2 controllers + Resident Evil 4 bundle I got from someone else on Amazon has turned out to be a Gamecube with a single controller and Resident Evil. The first one. See, the reason I bought it is because Resident Evil 4 is goddamned expensive (I've yet to see it anywhere under £30 that isn't used), and my brother's been wanting a Gamecube and Resident Evil 4 for ages, and for £45, that's a damned good bargain. But then it turns out to be a game we had once before and disposed of, and now we're getting it again.


The second part is some guy e-mailed me with a submission for MS:MIA, about the "unused" animations in the Metal Slug section about shooting backwards on a parachute and whatnot. The sad thing is, he put so much detail and effort into telling me about it that it spanned two e-mails; yet I already knew about it, and it was on the site. So I had to kindly tell him "uh yeah I already know this sorry". I did promise to rewrite about it in more detail, so his submission wouldn't be all of a loss, but yeah. I don't like throwing people's hard work into the trash. =(


But on the bright side, SNOW


It's snow, something that I haven't seen in a year I think maybe!


What lets this down is that it's frickin' freezing in here. And it's also because this snow is just ASKING for a Motorbike Man adventure, but the snow will probably melt in the later part of today, and won't last to tomorrow. =(


And I can't think of any good plots.

[FUN FACT!! We've got the weirdest back garden ever. WHAT'S A MIRROR DOING THERE]

But hey, maybe this would be a good opportunity to take Vegas for a walk. What do you say to that, Vegas?



Okay, fine then.

<Vegas> gromph


So yeah, not a good day today so far. =(


[UPDATE] And like any good TV show, things are cleared up in the end.

Steve, who was the one I was getting this bundle for, was disappointed, but didn't take it as badly as I thought he would. We talked it over, and I just got Resident Evil 4 for him by itself at £20, and he wasn't quite as horrified getting Resident Evil again, and if he still didn't like it, we could sell it. Now let's pray to God this order doesn't cock up.

And the guy who e-mailed me was let down that his discovery was already known, but he too didn't take it as harshly, and was pleased to know his submission was at least acknowledged and would be added to the site.

On the downside, the snow melted an hour after I wrote that, and Vegas never got a walk, but screw that snarling bitch, MY SNOW IS GONE. D: