Metal Slug sprites

Metal Slug
Ripped from the tiles. Yeah, there's not much to it.

Metal Slug: 1st Mission
Player Character 1
Ripped from the tiles. Yes, that's his name. The manual calls him Player Character.
Player Character 2
Ripped from the tiles.

Metal Slug: 2nd Mission
Has the right colours, and with every frame, ripped from the tiles, then ripped from gameplay to ensure correct placement and all.
Commander Makuba
Ripped from the tiles, colours from the game. I didn't rip his vehicle because I'm biased. I mean, it's a giant floating spinning top with spikes. And it's got tons of animation, but it's still a spinning top. Who would use a spinning top?
Eleven days to make. I think it was three to five days to rip, numerous days of slacking off, and then two days to organise and recolour. It didn't take so long since I didn't even attempt my preferred way of organising them, just went straight to this bulky layout.
Nothing really to report, other than that I had to rip a few of the unarmed frames, since I didn't find them in the tiles. Because of that, they may have some pixels that are missing or not supposed to be there.
Lieutenant Colonel McBarr
Ripped from the tiles, then game for placement to be correct. Has unused frames of the character walking.
Ripped from the tiles. Amusing story! This bastard has taken me three long years to rip, due to losing my progress a lot. Well HE'S DONE AND DUSTED NOW.
Metal Slug
Ripped from the tiles.
Prisoners and NPCs
Ripped from the tiles and the game. Features sprites of the generic prisoner, Hyakutaro, Rumi Aikawa, the items belong to those two, Margaret, and three generic NPCs, as well as the mugshots for Hyakutaro and Margaret. Has unused frames of Hyakutaro falling, and of him waving, which is a leftover from 1st Mission.
Rebel soldier
Every damn frame of animation, all the colour variations and battle tactics, ripped from the tiles over two days, and then coloured and organised, although I use the term "organised" loosely.
Unless there are sprites unique to only 1st Mission or some sprites are compressed, I do believe I've gotten everything here. Rock, rock on.
Red Eye
Yeesh, this took unnecessarily long. Four days to rip all the sprites, and then about five more to recolour and organise them and put them in a sheet. Not fun.
While I'm glad to have finally ripped these, I hate the layout. I had to use it as I kept adding things in and my normal layout made things complicated, so this was easiest, although it's hideously huge, so if I ever recover, I may reorganise it into my regular layout.
Commence jibba jabba: Ripped from the tiles, colours from the game (with the exception of those fighting game style moves which I just guessed used regular palettes), and the splattering frames may be pieced together wrongly, so soz for that.
Slug Flyer
Ripped from the tiles with the colours from the game, and even includes the animations that are only in 1st Mission.
Sub Slug
Ripped from tiles and game, with all frames, right colours, and everything. Some of the explosion frames were unused, so I fitted them in where they would go and gave them the same colours as the rest.
Tanks and artillery
Ripped from the tiles, palettes from the game. I didn't bother getting everything, just the stuff that's interesting, y'know.
Took about three days to rip, colour and finish. Record time! So here's the playable Rebel soldier, the oddly named Tequila, whose pistol can fire rockets, fire, bullets, anything. Lazy. I believe I pieced together the splatter frames wrongly, I don't have the player selection icon, and I couldn't remember where you talk to a soldier on the communication thing, so they're unchanged from the tile viewer. Anyone who has the colours, gimme a buzz, thx.

Metal Slug 3
Eri (kidnapped)
Ripped from the sequence in Metal Slug 3, with recolouring done to the last two animations to fit in with the rest.

Metal Slug 4
Boat guy
Ripped from the tiles, given the right colours, and such. Yep, this guy appears in the game, but only one of his animations is used!
Ripped from the game, except for that final animation, which is unused, and was ripped from the tiles.
Ripped from the tiles, with no checking for correct placement. While this sprite appears in Metal Slug 2, X and 4, I ripped it specifically from 4.
Prisoners and NPCs
An unfinished sheet of the prisoner (and Hyakutaro), along with Rumi and Madoka Aikawa, and various other NPCs from Metal Slug 4 and 5. Includes some unused sprites.
Rebel Soldier (hazmat)
Ripped from the tiles, some frames ripped from game for ensured placement, right colours supplied by Ivo, and finally laid out. Damn thing took three days to do.

Metal Slug 5
Eri (fat)
Ripped from the sprite viewer, with all animations from the game, including unused ones. However, it doesn't contain any of her wielding the Dual Machine Guns, nor any from the previous games, although it does have a few crappy custom animations.
Ripped from the sprite viewer, only contains animations of her with the pistol, and none of the animations of her swimming or using the jetpack, and only a few animations from the older games.
Fio (fat)
Ripped from the sprite viewer, and has all animations of her from the game, including those of her wielding the Dual Machine Guns. However, there are a small few that are exclusive to the older games that aren't ripped.
"Glen Achilles"
The unused prisoner/helper character, ripped from the sprite viewer, and with all animations.
Ripped from the sprite viewer, and some animations from the older games. However, it's limited only to him on foot and with a pistol.
Tarma (fat)
An unfinished sheet of Tarma as a big ol' fatty cake, ripped from the sprite viewer, but lacking his animations of him with the Dual Machine Guns, and those from the older games.

Metal Slug Advance
Emain Macha
The second boss, ripped from the tiles with the game's colours.
Just about all of Tyra's sprites, ripped both from the tiles and game to get correct placement and unused sprites. The only missing sprites I know of are those of her in the Slug Flyer, but other than those, EVERY SPRITE.
Same deal here, all of his sprites, minus Slug Flyer ones, and ripped from the tiles in a different fashion so everything is indeed correct. =D
Ripped from the tiles, the torches and stuff from gameplay so I could be missing stuff that no one will care about.

Metal Slug Mobile 4
{NEW} Leona
Yeah, this required no effort.
{NEW} Roberto
All I did was rearrange the sprites!

Metal Slug X
Margaret Southwood
Ripped from the tiles. Doesn't have the background, but who wants that?
Ripped from the tiles.