Super Bomberman 2

Round 5

Some soft blocks in this world will regenerate shortly after being bombed. Some blocks can be pushed to fill gaps in the floor with bomb blasts.
Landmines can be found in some levels - some are visible (grey tiles with glowing red lights), while some are invisible until Bomberman is standing right next to them. Stepping on one will harm Bomberman. Both visible and invisible landmines can be removed by bombing them.
Some floor tiles will crack when walked over - walking over them a second time will create a hole that is impassable.
Most levels are shrouded in darkness. The bevelled yellow light switch will toggle the lights on and off when bombed. Doing so will change the behaviour of certain enemies.

(big thanks to Reversal Mushroom for getting the maps, level data and enemy info for this world!)


Stage 5-1

ITEMS: Bomb Up, Fire Up, Speed Up
ENEMIES: Pikarin x 3

Stage 5-2

ITEMS: Bomb Up, Fire Up, Heart
ENEMIES: Pikarin x 2, Kuragarin x 2

Stage 5-3

ITEMS: Bomb Up, Speed Up, Bomb Pass, Wall Pass
ENEMIES: Munchie Jump, Bibin x 3

Stage 5-4

ITEMS: Bomb Up, Fire Up, Remocon
ENEMIES: Munchie Jump x 2, Shitsu Coin x 2

Stage 5-5

ITEMS: Bomb Up, Fire Up x 2, Ice Cream, 1-Up
ENEMIES: Kuragarin x 2, Munchie Jump

Stage 5-6

ITEMS: Fire Up, Power Glove, Heart, 1-Up
ENEMIES: Kuragarin x 2, Pikarin x 2

Stage 5-7

ITEMS: Bomb Up, Fire Up, Speed Up, Power Glove, Remocon, Heart
ENEMIES: Plasma Bomber
Plasma Bomber will throw bombs as soon as he gets the chance, whether it's in Bomberman's direction or not. Can have three bombs on-screen at once, each with a 6-tile blast radius. If Plasma Bomber throws a bomb off-screen, it will appear on the opposite side of the field after roughly four or five seconds (longer than when Bomberman throws bombs off-screen). It's very easy for Plasma Bomber to just walk into his own bomb blasts, especially when they're thrown off-screen, so abuse that to your advantage. Requires 3 hits to defeat.

Stage 5-8

ITEMS: n/a
ENEMIES: SkeleGuard
SkeleGuard (スケルガード) moves from side to side, but will charge at Bomberman if he shares its Y-axis - move to the bottom row to avoid this attack (it cannot charge if you stand in the bottom corners). Any bombs that touch SkeleGuard are erased.
SkeleGuard will periodically spawn three indestructible skulls from its mouth that will casually pursue Bomberman - they will disappear after roughly twelve seconds. Requires 28 hits (!!) to defeat.

Defeating SkeleGuard will cause it to explode, exposing G. Ganzu (G.ガンズ). This creature will move aimlessly around the room, changing direction slightly when it pleases, and cannot be harmed with bomb blasts.
The only way to harm it is to throw bombs at it using the Power Glove ability. Each hit will make the boss move faster and faster. Requires 6 hits to defeat.
This boss's name can be alternately translated as "G. Guns".

Pikarin (ピカリン) A floating dolphin-esque creature. When the lights are on, it moves slowly and aimlessly. When the lights are off, it speeds up and pursues Bomberman. Requires 2 hits to defeat.

Kuragarin (クラガリン) A red spherical creature with retractable spikes. The reverse of Pikarin - it's slow and aimless when the lights are off, but speeds up and pursues Bomberman when the lights are on. Requires 2 hits to defeat.
"Kuragari" (暗がり) means "darkness".

Munchie Jump (パクパジャンプ) Pursues and eats bombs that are within 5 tiles range of it. Will not notice bombs more than 6 tiles away from it.

Bibin (ビビン) A yellow cartoon character wearing what appears to be headphones. Moves about randomly, surrounds itself with lightning bolts in four directions when within 4 spaces of Bomberman. Requires 2 hits to defeat.
"Bibi" (びび) means "small" or "insignificant".

Shitsu Coin (シツコイン) A spinning, grinning coin. Erratically pursues Bomberman at a fast pace.
"Shitsuyou" (執拗) means "persistent" or "stubborn".

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