Bomberman Fantasy Race

Dyna Mountain

1st 1500GB 1st 3:00:00
2nd 500GB 2nd 3:03:00
3rd 200GB 3rd 3:06:00
100 Coin Bonus 3000GB Best Lap 1:00:0
TICKET: 1500GB(J) / 3000GB(E)

This is where the going gets tough: Winding pathways, frequent pits, explosives on the course, terrain and weather that'll hinder your movement, and lots and lots of opportunities to crash headfirst into a wall. This is a big one.

Of course, if you have a well-balanced creature then this can actually become a doddle and end up as an easy way to rack in money. A Louie, once again, is recommended for all the jumping and turning. The cave's shortcut is ludicrously easy, and once you figure out the right speed and direction to head through the minefield at, the only real hazard left are the sharp turns.

Words of warning, though: Don't drop bombs while catapulting over the bridge, don't collect items if you really don't need them (the Poopie curse shows up quite frequently on this course), and it's best to cut down on bomb dashing for this one.

[1] You start off right before a minefield! There's an effective path you can walk through if you look at it right, but just be careful as they'll knock you off your feet.

[2] A bridge. Be careful not to go on it diagonally or to fall off, and watch out for the pillars at the side of the cave entrance after!

[3] The cave. You can walk around the pit and grab one of the three item panels, or take a shortcut by walking across the bridge and hopping over the curve. I find the shortcut easier.

[4] Two egg and two item panels.

[5] Alternate path time! You can fall down the gap and dash up the river to reach [7], or you can jump across the gap [6]. I prefer going down the river.

[6] Jump across and you can nab an egg panel. The way out allows you use a catapult on the wall.

[7] Both paths end up here. There's an item panel before the water, and an egg near the waterfall. The water will drag you slowly to the fall so hop across.

[8] Two egg and two item panels.

[9] A catapult and an egg panel. If you don't get the catapult you run the risk of being blown off the windy bridge, so make use of it. You miss out on two item panels, though.

Bonus Game

As much as I prefer to dash through this course, it's definitely more rewarding to get all the coins. Getting the 1500GB first place reward, the 3000GB all coin reward and adding on the time bonus can mean you almost get 5000GB every time. Wowzers!

1st 7000GB 1st 2:30:00
2nd 2000GB 2nd 2:33:00
3rd 1000GB 3rd 2:36:00
100 Coin Bonus 7000GB Best Lap 0:50:0
TICKET: 7200GB(J) / 14000GB(E)

As much as I love Dyna Mountain, it's a pain in the behind in Mirror Mode. The fact that a lot of the course's path to victory requires precision, such as weaving around the minefield, walking across the shortcut in the cave, not being slowed down much at the waterfall and so on; and how Pretty Bomber is an outright fiend in this difficulty with her precise bomb tossing, it's just not cool.

Basically, I've found that getting every item panel you can in hope of a Time Stop, buying two Rocket Bombs and using them at moments that can really sink a racer for quite some time (near the pit, waterfall or bridge) and simply running like a madman works reasonably well. It won't be without difficulty, but keep at it. You're nearly at the last course!

Bonus Game

Only twenty seconds were removed from the original two minute timer, so you're let off fairly easily for this one.

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