Bomberman Fantasy Race

Bomber Coaster Lake

1st 200GB 1st 2:45:00
2nd 80GB 2nd 2:48:00
3rd 60GB 3rd 2:51:00
100 Coin Bonus 500GB Best Lap 0:55:0
TICKET: n/a(J) / 100GB(E)

Bomber Coaster Lake is meant to be the second course, and as with the first, it's fairly obvious: The track itself is simple enough, but there are enough twists and turns, additions, oddities and traps to make it a blatant increase in difficulty. It allows one to adapt to the tricks of the creatures and get a good example of how their physics work.

First and foremost: There are a number of opportunities to fall in the ocean here. That's not good. After you leave the carnival area, you've got water to your left for the rest of the course until the caves, so keep control of your dashing, try not to bounce off objects and don't go nuts with the jumping. The shortcut can be a good place to practise drifting and acceleration management, though. And finally, be wary of bomb dashing in the not-water areas, as to crash into those walls at high speeds, even at an angle, isn't pleasant.

[1] After a couple of corners you'll come across two item panels and two egg panels.

[2] Two egg and two item panels.

[3] The first part of the game where you're forced to jump, with two jumps in a row. Don't dash and you should be okay, though be careful of the pillar jutting out of the wall. That can knock you off course.

[4] A catapult. It can be used for a shortcut, but if you don't know what's next, avoid it...

[5] As if you're unprepared you'll crash into a water fountain and fall in the drink. If you didn't intend to use the shortcut you can hop across it (I recommend) or slow down and walk around (there's an egg panel) and that'll lead you to [7]. If you want the shortcut, let go of the acceleration (if you took the catapult), hold Up to dash, and make a leap into the fountain and you will be blasted you into the air...

[6] And hopefully you'll land on a stretch of land on the sea. Decelerating here would be wise, as your creature will likely be drifting and runs the risk of falling in the ocean, wasting your shortcut. At least, that's how I do it. You could reach it without the catapult, but that'd run the risk of not even reaching the path at all. This leads to [8].

[7] Alternately, if you don't use the shortcut there's three egg panels in a line.

[8] This is where the shortcut ends. There's an egg panel to get if you're lucky. Along here are lampposts that are harmful to collide with, obviously.

[9] Three item panels. Bomb dashing in the cave is hazardous, so look out.

Bonus Game

Just like the Bomber Circuit, the coin lane is easy enough but you're best aiming for a good time rather than all coins. There aren't any coins on the shortcut, but even with a green Louie you can nail at least 700GB.

1st 2000GB 1st 2:15:00
2nd 500GB 2nd 2:18:00
3rd 200GB 3rd 2:21:00
100 Coin Bonus 2000GB Best Lap 0:45:0

Since there's a shortcut in this level, the going isn't quite as tough as Bomber Circuit, but not entirely. If you're in third place the last two racers tend to continuously pelt you with bombs of varying accuracy, so you're only going to get rid of them if you speed your ass up through items or the shortcut. I recommend taking a Louie, as usual, and buying two Roller Shoes to use in just before the caves. Don't forget to drop bombs when you're in first to prevent anyone from sneaking up past you!

Bonus Game

The timer is cut down to eighty seconds for the Bonus Game, so you'd better not miss a single coin or that could potentially cost your entire reward. Of course, by this stage going for time isn't going to reward you with an awful lot, so do what you can.

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