Bomberman Fantasy Race

Bomber Circuit

1st 100GB 1st 2:30:00
2nd 70GB 2nd 2:33:00
3rd 50GB 3rd 2:36:00
100 Coin Bonus 300GB Best Lap 0:50:0

Bomber Circuit is the easiest course in the game, so it's only natural that the game starts you off there. It should allow you to get to grips with the controls and techniques, and the advantageous catapult. Just don't use it as a quick money raiser, though. You won't get far with that.

For the actual racing, there shouldn't be many problems. Sure, the opponents have better rides than you when you begin, but a little bit of aggression can do wonders in overcoming them. And thanks to the level's mostly straight structure, more reason to get used to the devious little tactic of bomb dashing.

[1] Right after you start there are five item panels to be collected.

[2] Four egg panels.

[3] You can swipe an egg panel here at the left side.

[4] Four more egg panels.

[5] There's a catapult here. Naturally, being a hairpin bend it's recommended to make use of it.

[6] Three items panels are arranged in a V shape here, so make sure you don't miss them. After this the paths remain fairly straight, so you can take advantage of them for some bomb dashing.

[7] And one last egg panel. You're better off just trying a bomb dash, really.

Bonus Game

The Bonus Game is a fairly straightforward path, but you should play it for time rather than coins. Even on a Green Louie you can get 700GB or more, which is better than the 300 you'd get from collecting every coin.

1st 2000GB 1st 2:00:00
2nd 300GB 2nd 2:03:00
3rd 100GB 3rd 2:06:00
100 Coin Bonus 1000GB Best Lap 0:40:0

Being the first level in the game, you'd expect a horizontally flipped Bomber Circuit to be no challenge at all. See, that's why they made the computer players much more jerkass-like, equipping them with the best steeds one can get, a ruthless attitude and the ability to practically zoom to any part of the course they like.

As much as I hate to say it, you really won't be getting anywhere in these races without the second best of each creature at the very least, and even then it's never a secure victory. Relying on items is a near-necessity by this stage, but two items bought in the shop can't hold you out for a hold race, so you'll need luck on your side. Yowza.

In a nutshell, use a Louie, buy either Roller Shoes or Rocket Bombs, and hope to any deity that the game has inside it that it'll let you win this one. Or you can just take the Black Louie and win a slightly easier way.

Bonus Game

For the Bonus Game, as much as I'd like to say aim for coins, this stage has the time limit dropped from two minutes to seventy seconds. Thus you need to be concise with your directions and make sure you don't have to backtrack, as even though it sounds like a simple task, it can whack blocks off your time.

page last modified: 21/12/2011