Bomberman '94

Special Version

Title (1993)

ボンバーマン'94体験版 / Bomberman '94 Special Version

Title (1994)

天外魔境 電々の伝 / Tengai Makyou Deden no Den


PC Engine (Super CD ROM2)


Battle (defeat all Bombermen)


1 to 5 (battle)


Red (Deden no Den)


Hudson (JP)


1993 (Special Version)
1994 (Deden no Den)

Special Version box (front / back)

Deden no Den box (front / back)
Special Version box images from Necstacy.
Deden no Den box images from PC Engine Catalog Project.

Bomberman '94 Special Version was a limited edition game with approximately 10,000 copies produced and only given away through Hudson's newsletter and at one of their caravan tournament site, apparently (source). The release date is unknown, but one can assume it came out before the retail release.

Deden no Den was released the following year, and is near-enough the exact same game. All the Bombermen have been replaced with Kabuki Denjirou, a character from the Tengai Makyou / Far East of Eden RPG series (most of which were co-developed and published by Hudson Soft). It was distributed through the same means, and is approximated to have had 20,000 copies produced (source).
Kabuki would later return as a playable character in Saturn Bomberman's battle mode.

But what about the game itself?

It's just Bomberman '94's Battle Game with only one character available (Bomberman in Special Version, Kabuki with differently coloured accessories in Deden no Den) and only one stage available (it features arrows that redirect kicked bombs). All items from '94 are present, including the Louies. Curiously, you can't change the other players to CPU, it's exclusively human opponents only.

Unlock extra stages

To my knowledge, this only works in Deden no Den.
On the CD boot-up screen, hold Left and press Run.
Then on the title screen, hold Right and press Run.
You will gain access to four new stages.

English title screen

There's a code that changes the Japanese "PUSH RUN BUTTON" and copyright details to English... but I've forgotten how to do it. Little help?

Comparisons between Special Version and Deden no Den. For the most part, Special Version uses preliminary resources and graphics while Deden no Den uses materials from the retail game.

Special Version
Special Version begins with a rather dramatic information screen at the beginning; obviously since Deden no Den came out when Bomberman '94 was properly released, this was removed.

Special Version - Deden no Den
Different title screens.

Special Version - Deden no Den
Special Version uses different menu graphics and a lighter palette. Deden no Den uses the same graphics as the retail game, but keeps Special Version's music.

Special Version - Deden no Den
Palette change.

Special Version - Deden no Den
More graphical changes.

Special Version - Deden no Den
This screen is mostly finished in Special Version, except for the lack of detail on the stage. The finished game changed the palette as well.

Special Version - Deden no Den

Special Version - Deden no Den
Special Version uses coins to signify victories - the final game uses trophies.
Screenshots can be found on this page!
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