Atomic Bomberman


Atomic Bomberman is a purely multi-player experience, based purely around the traditional Battle game: blow up all the opponents and try to be the last Bomberman standing! The game can be played as a free-for-all or between two teams.

The Play Time can be set to 1, 1.5, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 10 minutes, or Infinite. When the timer reaches 1 minute, blocks will begin filling the arena from the outside inward, starting from the top-left and moving clockwise. The "Enclosement Depth" can be set to None (disabled), A Little (leaves only an 11x7 arena), A Lot (leaves only a 7x3 arena), or All The Way!, which will fill the entire arena.

When the Gold Bomberman is on, the winner of the last match will get a chance to stop a roulette wheel before the next match begins. They will start every round of the following match with whatever item they win, and their Bomberman will be covered in gold sparkles.

You can choose from a variety of different arenas by selecting a Scheme File; the default map is BASIC.SCH. You can create your own Schemes using the in-game editor - see modding & editing for details.


An unfinished single-player mode, accessed by pressing the C key five times on the title screen.
The objective is to defeat all enemies to progress to the next stage; alongside Bomberman opponents, there are ghosts () which can move through walls, and chips (, which can't.
All options for the traditional battle game are carried over to the Campaign, including the time limit, randomised start position and even the raining blocks.


Controls can be re-configured for keyboard or gamepads. Only two players can use the keyboard; all other local players must use a gamepad.

BUTTON ACTION (gameplay) ACTION (menu)
Arrow keysMove Bomberman.change selection
SpacebarLay bomb. Pick up/throw bomb.Accept.
EnterDetonate Trigger Bomb. Punch (with Boxing Glove). Stop kicked bomb.Accept.
Escape (ESC)Pause game.Cancel / Exit.
F10Forces a draw game.
Ctrl + QInstantly returns to main menu.

What it Takes to become "The Man." Any demolition squad knows that it takes SPECIAL ITEMS to effectively and efficiently obliterate your opponent. Here are the tools you'll need to be "The Man."

All text is sourced from the PDF manual unless otherwise noted.

Plain Bomb

Adds one more bomb to your arsenal of weapons. By default your maximum amount of bombs is 10.

Plain Fireface

Adds an additional tile length to your bomb's explosions. As these are cumulative, make sure you gather as many as you can for a bigger blast.

Golden Fireface

Like Plain Fireface this increases the length of your bomb's blast. However, this friendly little "golden boy" as we like to call him, gives your Bomberman maximum bomb power. Now isn't that a daisy?

Roller Skate

Increases the speed of your Bomberman by 1 unit. This is cumulative, so watch out for excessive speed.

Boxing Glove

This is one of the most powerful items in the game. Once you have acquired this item you can "punch" a bomb over a wall, player, or anything for that matter. This is extremely useful for those of you with the misfortune of getting bombed in. Press the button while facing the intended bomb to send it into the air. There are many tricks to master. However, the effort will be worth it.
(NOTE: This item cannon co-exist with The Trigger Bomb. lf you do get the Trigger Bomb, the Boxing Glove will be spit out.)

The Hand

This work's [sic] the same way as the boxing glove in that you can throw a bomb over walls, tiles, and on other players. To use The Hand, press the button. Without moving, press and hold the button again. Now your Bomberman is holding the bomb and you are free to walk around with it. Don't worry about the bomb going off in your hands. The bomb is not active until it hits the ground. As soon as you release the button, your Bomberman will throw the bomb.
(NOTE: This item cannot co-exist with The Sponge.)

The Boot

This is an interesting power indeed. Simply walk into any unobstructed bomb, and thwack, away it goes sliding down the hall. The bomb will continue to slide until it has met with an obstacle. Once you set the bomb in motion you still have a little control over it. Simply press the button and thunk, the bomb stops dead in its tracks. This is extremely useful for those corner lurkers who think they are safe from our friend, The Boot.

The Spooge

Quite the odd item with a lot of power in the right hands. By double tapping your button, your Bomberman will send ALL the bombs in front of him into all of the empty spaces that lie ahead. Be it 2 or 10 bombs, the result is the same if space permits.
(This item cannot co-exist with The Hand. lf you pick up The Hand, then The Spooge will be spat out of your Bomberman.)


This is one mean mother. Skullz is a poison like no other. He has the ability to infect your Bomberman with numerous ailments from Molasses (extra slow speed), to Constipation (the inability to drop bombs). Some interesting properties allow you to pass this onto another Bomberman by simply touching them. This increases your chances of vaccinating your self, as does picking up healthy power items. You can accumulate more than one poison at a time so be careful.


This guy makes Skullz look like an extra life. Ebola can give you up to three (yes three) poisons at one time. Since there are so many poisons in the game, this can be almost instant death. On the other hand, it could be pure fun. The writer of this manual LOVES to pass on his Bomberman's ailment to his lucky opponents <insert evil laugh here>.

Trigger Bomb

When you have the trigger bomb, you can set them off in order by pressing the button. These bombs will not go off unless they are triggered by you or set off by another bomb.

This item will be ejected if you pick up the Jelly.

Jelly (Bouncy)

Unmentioned in the manual. If kicked, these bombs will bounce back upon hitting an obstacle, or bounce around erratically when thrown. This item will be ejected if you pick up the Trigger Bomb.

Speed Brake (Slowness)

Only found in the Bonus Game. Unmentioned in the manual. Slows you down, the opposite of a Roller Skate.


Unmentioned in the manual. Appears in-game as a tile rapidly cycling through all the items. Gives you a random item when collected.

Level Editor

The Level Editor is accessed by holding Ctrl and pressing the E key 6 times on the title screen.

Despite being called a level editor, the documentation's terminology is that a Level is a graphics set (like Green Acres, Haunted House, etc), and a Scheme is the formation of blocks that are loaded.
There are 67 scheme files already bundled with the game that demonstrate the potential, such as schemes meant for a certain number of players, or purely for team-based gameplay.
Pressing the 1 key will allow you to access already-made schemes, while the 2 key will allow you to create a new scheme.

BLOCKS: Press the Tab key to toggle through the three blocks (hard block, soft block and floor), or use 1, 2 and 3 to skip to a specific block. Left click to place the block. To fill the screen with the selected block, press Ctrl+F. To restore the default grid pattern, press Ctrl+B.

PLAYERS: To move the player start locations, right click on the place you want. To cycle through the players (see the top right indicator), use the + (Plus) or - (Minus) keys. To toggle the team colour between red and white, press the T key.

ITEMS: To change the "density" of items (the percentage of blocks that contain items), press the D key. To edit the item settings, press the P key.

OTHER: To toggle between graphical and line visual representations, press the 0 (zero) key. To change the scheme's name, press the N key. To exit, press the Esc key - you are offered to save your work (if edited) and choose it as the default scheme.

This is the item settings screen, wherein you edit the usage of items on the current scheme. BORNWITH: Determines what items (and how many of them) each player begins with; for instance, if Bomb's Bornwith value is 5, everyone begins with five bombs. This value is ignored for Disease, Bad Disease (Ebola) and Random.

FORBID: If the setting is set to yes, that particular item will not appear on the random item.

OVERRIDE: Determines the number of instances of that item on the map. No Override is the default amount. 0 removes that item from the scheme. A negative number will act as a #-in-10 chance of the item to appear (for instance, -5 will mean a 5-in-10 chance of it appearing).

If chosen as the default scheme, it will be used when you start a game.


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