Bomberman Hero


American manual

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from page 4, "The Story So Far..."

Bomberman was training very hard day and night at Bomber Base to keep the universe peaceful.

One day, he received an order to check out a spaceship that had crashed in the Peace Mountains. When our hero arrived at the scene, he found a strange looking robot. According to this robot, the planet Primus Star was attacked by the Garaden Empire. This robot was able to escape with Princess Millian of Primus Star via spaceship, but the Garaden Empire captured them and took the princess away.

To help out, Bomberman left his home and embarked on a journey to save Princess Millian!

European manual

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In the Bomber Nebula, a mysterious satellite suddenly appears at its edge: Garaden. It ejects four mysterious lights...

... that crash into the four other planets. As Planet Prime is rocked with explosions from the light, a shuttle containing Princess Millian and Pibot escapes sets out for Planet Bomber.

ボンバーマンたちに はやく このことを しらせないと...

We need to tell Bomberman and his friends right away!

ピピッ ミリアンさま! なにかが ちかづいてきます!

Princess Millian! Something is approaching!

A massive vessel looms over the shuttle...



... and snares it in a tractor beam.

ピボット! このヂィスクをもってはやく きかんしつに かくれて!

Take this disk and go hide in the engine room.

ピピッ ミリアンさまは どどどっ どうするのですか!

Princess Millian, what are YOU going to do?

わたしのことは かまわずに... はやくっ!

Don't worry about me. Just hurry!

Bomber Star

Bomberman enters Bomber Base and is greeted by the ##robot.

Bomberman, you're back!
I'll train you now.


Bomberman enters the elevator to the Battle Room. On the way there, a meteorite crashes down in the distance, causing the elevator to tremble.

Wha, what was that?!

Bomber Star: after Sky Room

Bomberman returns to Bomber Base.

Your training is done. I'll give
you the Bomber Pitch.

Use the Power Gear to fly.

Power Gear works in the
water, too.

This is your mission. A UFO just
landed in the mountain.

Go check it out.


Bomberman sets out.

Bomber Star: vs. Nitros

You must be here to see the UFO
that landed nearby.

I am Nitros, a soldier of the
Garaden Empire.

Go back! No one shall pass me!

Ha! YOU are going to try
and stop me?

If you insist, you will have to
fight me!

They fight.

Who are you?

I am Pibot. Please help
Princess Millian!

Primus Star was invaded by the
Garaden Empire.

Princess Millian stole the
enemy's disk and left by shuttle.

The Princess was kidnapped.
My shuttle was shot down.

I'll give the disk to you.
Please help Princess Millian!

Don't worry! I'll rescue the
Princess for sure!

The Princess is nearby.
I can feel it!

Bomber Star: vs. Endol

よく ににが わかったな…

Bomberman, is that you?!
How did you get here?

あなたを たすけに きました!

Princess Millian!
I'm here to rescue you.


ボンバーマン! ミリアンおうじょ
を たすけに きよったんカネ?

そんなことは させへんで
ワイが おまえを どついたるねん

ニトロスよ! はやく ミリアンを

Hello, little man. I am Endol!

YOU came here to rescue
the Princess?

I can't let you do that.
I must stop you!

Nitros, take Millian with you!

Nitros and Millian are teleported away.

このエンドルさまは つよいでー!

ほな いくでー!

This Endol guy looks tough!

Here it COMES!!!

The Princess is nearby. I can feel it! She's on Primus Star. Let's hurry!

Prime Star: Groog Hills

The Princess is very close.

She's inside Primus Castle!

Primus Castle is just ahead,
but the guard is tough.

Find the underground tunnel
that's connected to the lake.

Will do!

Prime Star: Rocky Rock

[guards lead millian in]

Prime Star: Vs. Nitros

Princess Millian,
are you alright?

Bomberman! Pibot! Thank goodness
you're here!

Nitros is looking for the
disk I stole.

Bomberman! You're a persistent
little creature!

I'm NOT letting this girl go!

We'll fight again in Adok.

They fight.

Are you OK, Pibot?

The Princess is in the
Clock Tower!


[millian's on the clock!]

Prime Star: Vs. Baruda

It's about time you showed up,

I'm Baruda, big brother Endol's
first pupil!

I held Millian hostage so
you'd come.

You mean this is a trap?!

We'll settle this over there!
Get ready, Bomberman!

Here I come!

Baruda is defeated.

Now the Princess is on
Kanatia Star!

Let's hurry!

[this'll get cleaned up and finished... sometime!]

Hudson page

A rather minimalist promotional site. page (backup)

Nintendo's official page for the game, with a brief look at the levels from the first two world... and, curiously, the levels from the secret world, too.
This is a backup gleaned from the Internet Archive. All pages are present, but not all images were backed up. Hyperlinks are untouched, so don't go breaking links by accessing the Nintendo site of nearly fifteen years ago.

TV commercial (USA)

Bomberman, Bomberman
A new adventure I have
Many bombs to be curled
Sixty levels, five new worlds
Get down!
It's a new Bomberman!

Banking on the success of the last Nintendo commercial, the Spider-Man theme is given a thrash-rock arrangement and a costumed Bomberman is on-scene to laugh at his victims. Footage from VHS Visions on YouTube.

N64 Magazine (issue 14)

At the end of each world there's a boss to scrap and they'll [sic] also be some lightweight RPG elements thrown in for good measure, including non-playable characters who give you clues on where to go.

[...] Additionally, the multiplayer mode appears to have had a little extra work put into it, although the arenas are changing, which was a major problem with the first game.

Dated April 1998, this issue's previews has a quick glimpse at the game, though I don't know where they got their info from - built on the same engine as Baku Bomberman? Multi-player? Real-time lighting? Either something got lost in translation, or they were just setting themselves up for disappointment.

64 Magazine (volume 15)

As easy as pie, ABC, Sunday morning, Cartman's mom, blinking...

Dated 18th June 1998, an unenthusiastic review that questions the complete change in game design, and the disappointing dearth of challenge. Awarded 52%.

Ação Games Nº 128

É o primeiro game de ação da série. Gráficos limpos e jogabilidade fácil. Classe A.

The first action game in the series. Sharp graphics and easy gameplay. Class A.

Dated June 1998, reviewed by Ivan Cordon. Awarded 9.0 out of 10. Image from Retro Scans.

N64 Magazine (issue 17)

[click to enlarge (approx. 350kb each)]

Who needs Hudson stealing bits straight out of Mario, Lylat Wars and Mario Kart and not doing them as well? And who needs a game that's got a first level as easy as its last? The answer, of course, is no one, meaning Bomberman once again fails to make a lasting impression on the N64.

Dated July 1998, reviewer Tim Weaver holds it in slightly higher regard than Baku Bomberman, but still criticizes it as an unimpressive, lacklustre title. Awarded 66%.

Uninspiring 3D adventure, but strangely compulsive at times. Up against Banjo, mind, it looks a bit tired. And there's no multi-player. 66%. Reviewed by Tim Weaver

This quote comes from the Directory, an abbreviated list of prior reviews published in subsequent issues of N64 Magazine.

Nintendo World No. 2

Dated October 1998, a simple but colourful promotional piece for the game and its features. Image from Retro Scans.

Nintendo Official Magazine (Total Test)

BOMBERMAN HERO: Return of B'Man in sequel every bit as average as first. 68%.

A brief review from the magazine's review round-up feature in every issue.

The Nintendo 64 is a notoriously troublesome console to emulate, and although not as fraught with quirks as Baku Bomberman, this game has its own small issues. These are incredibly tiny nitpicks that have no bearing on gameplay, but when you want the most accurate screenshots possible, it's a little vexing!

N64 hardware (PAL)
Project64 emulator (Glide64 Final)
Virtual Console (Nintendo Wii, emulated in Dolphin) Project64 emulator (angrylion's RDP with OpenGL 1.5)

Most graphic plug-ins for Project64 give a blue 'glow' or aliasing to many 2D elements including the dialogue font and title screen. They also have no screen borders at all (the game only has slim borders on the left and right sides on real hardware), though the camera seems to have slightly different properties than it should; it's only noticable when a cutscene's camera is suddenly pointed from the inside of Bomberman's head, for instance.

Is that a chunk of Bomberman's head?
(unknown plugin)

(Glide64 Final)

That's more like it!
(angrylion's RDP with OpenGL 1.5)

This appears to be down to the emulator or RSP; the emulator Apollo does not have this zoom problem.
The most accurate plugins appear to be angrylion's RDP with OpenGL 1.5 graphic plugin paired with the Static Interpreter RSP plugin. There's no aliasing, there's no camera snafus, and the 3D shading seems accurate to the N64 hardware. It's shockingly slow, however, and not ideal for full-speed gameplay. It also introduces a 3-pixel black border to the bottom of the screen!

The Virtual Console release introduces borders around the entire screen, cropping parts even original N64 hardware used to show. Its 3D shading and texture filtering are slightly different than the original hardware, but it's otherwise a solid effort, and a lot less taxing to emulate than the angrylion plugin.

Transcribed from gameplay.
Naruhiro Matsumoto

Tetsuma Yoshida
Hidekazu Matsunouchi
Yukie Abe
Yasuhiro Nakano

Akira Katagi
Masaki Moriwaki
Yasunori Araki
Shinichiro Akiyama
Syuji Kato
Naoyuki Kadoi

Game Design
Hideuki Kubota
Katsumi Miyashita
Korio Ohkubo

Character Design
Shoji Mizuno
Kozue Sato

Hiroyuki Kaneda

Sound Manager
Keisuke Mitsui

Jun Chikuma

Music Operator
Hajime Ohara

Sound Effects coordinator
Michiko Hayashi

Sound Effects
Hiroshi Uemura

Technical Support
Katsuhiro Nozawa
Satoru Sugimoto
Takahiro Haga

Yoicih Nakazawa

Yukiko Handa

Hiroyuki Ohta
Jun Kanda
Riko Asuwa

Special Thanks
Daiju Niikura
Naoko Nomura
Yoshinori Yamagishi
Katsutoshi Sato
Tomohiko Shiraishi
Naoki Hirasawa
Teiji Nagaoka
Kei Tatsu
Masami Yasuraoka
Jinichi Fuyuki
Jin Akabane
Tadayuki Kato
Norihisa Takabatake
Junko Aihara
Hironobu Hatta
Sachiko Umoto
Hirouki Arai
Denki Miraisha
Kirin Company
Syuichiro Nishiya
Masato Shibata
Takeshi Ikenouchi
Katsunori Takahashi
Ichiro Shimakura
Bomberman Team

Product Manager
Kazunori Yasui
Haruhiko Ikeda
Yoshinori Inoue

Shigeki Fujiwara

Hidetoshi Endo

Executive Producer
Yuji Kodo

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