Soreike!! Bomberman Jetters

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Soreike!! Bomberman Jetters

Soreike!! Bomberman Jetters (roughly translated as "Let's Go!! Bomberman Jetters") was a gag comic authored by Takeshi Tamai (玉井たけし) and published in adolescent manga magazine Monthly CoroCoro Comic (月刊コロコロコミック) It ran for eight episodes from April 2003 to November 2003, though an exclusive ninth episode was published in the collected edition in January 2004.

Filling the void left by the Bakuretsu!! Bomberman Jetters, Soreike!! focuses on a similar brand of silly continuity-free misadventures starring the cast of Jetters. Its style of comedy is as broad and manic as Tamai's previous Bomberman series, BB-Daman Bakushoden, and is perhaps more crass than before: there's boogers, vomit, comic violence, and - believe it or not - a surprising amount of penis gags! Perhaps most offensive of all, Shirobon and other Bombermen are often drawn with mouths. Yuck!

A collected edition was later sold in Japan and Taiwan with an all-new final episode.

1 ● いん石を見つけだせ!!
Find the Meteorite!!
6 ● 潜入! 恐怖の館
Trespassing! The House of Horror
2 ● スーパーヒーロー、 現る!?
Here Comes A Superhero!?
5 ● 海中お宝争奪戦!!
Fight for the Oceanic Treasure!!
3 ● いっぱいいっぱいの願いごと!!
Chock Full of Wishes!!
7 ● タイムマシン で大騒動!!
The Big Time Machine Hullabaloo!!
4 ● きみはヒゲヒゲ団
Hige Hige Bandits Like Us
8 ● 最終決着!? ムジ ョーVSしろボン
Grand Finale?! Mujoe vs. Shirobon
9 ● しろボン故郷へ帰る
Shirobon Returns Home

Published April 2003.
The Jetters race against the Hige Hige Bandits to claim a valuable meteorite.

This episode was translated to English at Bombermanga courtesy of Bomber D Rufi and Sora G Silverwind.

Published May 2003.
Shirobon has delusions of superheroics after reading some CoroCoro, distracting him when the gang investigate a jurassic park.

Published June 2003.
Shirobon uncovers a wish-granting genie, and requires its assistance when the Jetters are kidnapped.

Published July 2003.
A rogue bandit joins the Jetters, and they put it through their individual training regimes.

Published August 2003.
A day at the beach turns into aquatic warfare when a friendly turtle leads the Jetters to a kingdom rich in valuables.

Published September 2003.
The Jetters visit a house of horrors. Shirobon and Shout get scared stupid by its creepy monsters.

Published October 2003.
Dr. Ein invents a time machine, resulting in unfortunate mishaps in feudal Japan and the ice age.

Published November 2003.
Shirobon and Mujoe engage in a wrestling match, partaking in cheap tricks, gimmicks and drug abuse to come out on top.

A special standalone episode (特別編) published in the collected edition book.
Shirobon receives a letter from his grandmother and returns home, reuniting with old pals Hanabom and Kurobom.

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Shogakukan (小学館, Japan)
Ching-win (青文, Taiwan)


4-09-142376-0 (Japan)
9861562389 (Taiwan)


978-4091423764 (Japan)
978-9861562384 (Taiwan)


28 January 2004 (Japan)
01 May 2005 (Taiwan)


Published under Shogakukan's Tentōmushi Comics (てんとう虫コミックス) banner. This volume reprints all eight stories published in Monthly CoroCoro Comic, in addition to the brand new Shirobon Returns Home story. The title pages are cleaned of CoroCoro's extraneous text, and a two-page character summary is present at the start.
The Taiwanese edition was translated by Guanen Chen (陳冠安) [src].
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