Bomberman Quest


This music was recorded using ugetab's GBS rip.

Title screen
size: 252kb / time: 0:15
Prologue (part 1)
size: 609kb / time: 0:38
Prologue (part 2)
size: 129kb / time: 0:08

Prologue (part 3)

size: 696kb / time: 0:44

Prologue (part 4)

size: 237kb / time: 0:14

Prologue (part 5)

size: 294kb / time: 0:18

Battle setup

size: 817kb / time: 0:52

Get Ready!

size: 57kb / time: 0:03

Battle Mode

size: 1.4mb / time: 1:31


size: 86kb / time: 0:05


size: 98kb / time: 0:06

Time's Up!

size: 117kb / time: 0:07

Peace Town

size: 1.1mb / time: 1:13

Peace Town (all clear)

size: 1mb / time: 1:09

Bomb Workshop

size: 533kb / time: 0:33

Field Zone

size: 1.5mb / time: 1:36

Vs. Monster (Field)

size: 1mb / time: 1:09

Vs. Water Commander

size: 1.2mb / time: 1:19

Forest Zone

size: 1.2mb / time: 1:19

Vs. Monster (Forest)

size: 1.3mb / time: 1:23

Vs. Electro Commander

size: 1.4mb / time: 1:34

Beach Zone

size: 1.2mb / time: 1:22

Vs. Monster (Beach)

size: 1.1mb / time: 1:14

Vs. Hurricommander

size: 1.2mb / time: 1:21

Desert Zone

size: 1.1mb / time: 1:13

Vs. Monster (Desert)

size: 1.3mb / time: 1:27

Vs. Pyro Commander

size: 1mb / time: 1:09


size: 1mb / time: 1:05


size: 1mb / time: 1:06


size: 1.2mb / time: 1:19

Engine retrieved

size: 166kb / time: 0:10

Item get

size: 140kb / time: 0:08

Game Over

size: 55kb / time: 0:03


size: 1mb / time: 1:04

Vs. Chaos Bomber

size: 1.3mb / time: 1:26

Departure (take 1)

size: 635kb / time: 0:40

Departure (take 2)

size: 553kb / time: 0:35

Chaos Bomber appears!

size: 565kb / time: 0:35

Chaos Bomber defeated

size: 506kb / time: 0:32

Staff Roll

size: 1.4mb / time: 1:34

Japanese - American

The year of copyright is updated for the English release, and "PUSH" is changed to "PRESS".

Japanese - American

The Japanese version uses a unique font for the main menu, but the English version just uses the normal in-game font.

Japanese - American

The Japanese version spells out all dialogue and menu text letter-by-letter, which can be sped up by holding the A Button. The English release scraps that and makes the text appear instantly.

Japanese - American

The menu buttons in the Japanese version use large text and barely-visible icons behind them. The English versions drop the text and make them into graphical icons, with brand new images and an added gloss to the top corner.

European (French - German - English)

The European version features French and German language translations, offered to you upon selecting New Game (starting a new file is the only way to change the language). Curiously, these translations have unique fonts, and use separate fonts from the intro movie scene and in-game dialogue/menus.

Two unused mugshots for Bomberman; one zoomed out a little to expose some of his upper body, and one identical to the in-game mugshot, except it has shading.
I imagine the former was dropped due to it not fitting in with the rest of the mugshots, and the latter because trying to incorporate shading when a sprite can only have four colours would've gotten pretty ugly.

This frame of Hurricommander appears only for a split second right as the fight begins, just before he begins floating. That's kind of like being unused, right?

Pump only appears after Chaos Bomber is defeated, bouncing on top of your shuttle if you reload your file. You only see her frontal graphics in-game, but a full set of animation is present in the graphic data, but no mugshot. Given how every other female character exclusive to Saturn Bomberman Fight!! is fought as a bonus boss, it's clear Pump was meant to be included too.

Not quite unused, but among the graphics for the Peace Town NPCs are sprites for Mami, Leushia, Deral and Pump, with only their front-facing graphics. Maybe they were to appear there after being defeated? Who knows.

Screenshots can be found on this page!
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