Pocket Bomberman

Evil World

Finally, Bomberman reaches the top of Evil Mountain to find himself at the last stage of his journey. Babylon, the lord of all evil who cursed the Sword of the Sun, has built an evil empire. Are you ready?


Cobrawing / コブラウィング: A cobra with wings. Behaves identically to Eyti, but with the added bonus of looking 50% cooler.

Wingstone / ウィングストーン: A skeletal bird. Will only fly diagonally and can fly through walls. Requires 2 hits to defeat; after the first hit it will will move faster and move erratically.


Springs will spring Bomberman into the air (natch) when jumped upon.

When left untouched, a torch is harmless. If it gets bombed, a harmful flame will burn from its top. Bomb it again to deactivate it.

Black holes suck Bomberman in for a moment, and then drop him out unharmed. More of a nuisance than anything.

Jump into the red button to make the roulette spin. If you can get three happy faces in a row, you'll earn a 1UP.

Area 1

Ugh. A background and foreground of both bright, primary colours with blaring yellow is not pleasant. When you're not being blinded, watch out for the fairly harmless enemies, and the similarly redundant traps. Be sure to get the Heart, and if you're patient, hitting the slot machine enough will get you a 1-Up.
ITEMS: Bomb Up x 3, Fire Up x 2, Speed Up x 2, Armored Jacket x 2, Heart, Wings
ENEMIES: Cobrawing x 5, Wingstone x 2

Area 2

More of the same.
ITEMS: Bomb Up, Fire Up, Speed Up x 2, Clogs, Timer x 2, Wings
ENEMIES: Cobrawing x 5, Wingstone x 2

Area 3

This level is nasty, what with the large amount of vertical climbing, and no Wings to help you out. Thus, you'll need to use bombs as platforms a lot, which can be risky if you lack the Remote Controller.
ITEMS: Bomb Up x 3, Fire Up x 2, Speed Up, Penetration Bomb, Full Fire
ENEMIES: Cobrawing x 3, Wingstone x 3

Area 4

More vertical climbing, and although there are still no Wings for your way, there are two Hearts. Just be careful of those Pterastones.
ITEMS: Bomb Up x 2, Speed Up, Clogs, Full Fire, Heart x 2
ENEMIES: Cobrawing x 2, Wingstone x 4

Area 5

Deep inside the evil empire, Babylon is waiting for the brave hero. His stone statue shoots flames in all directions. The statue can teleport around the screen to catch you!

Final boss time! Referred to as Babylon / バビロン, but bears an uncanny resemblance to Bagura. Babylon can float slowly, teleport, shoot two bouncing orbs, fire the usual diagonal bullets, and create statues of himself to drop to the ground. If you still have the Remote Controller and a Heart, he's incredibly easy, but even otherwise, he can still be fairly simple.
I've found that even with minimal Bombs and Flames, staying in the far right corner and hitting him with airborne bombs works well, and then retreating for a second when he teleports at the wall. Requires 9 hits to defeat.
ITEMS: Bomb Up, Fire Up, Speed Up
page last modified: 29/10/2011