Pocket Bomberman

Wind World

Bomberman reaches the foot of the mountain, but he has to travel carefully! The path is narrow and blocked by dangerous, electric barriers!


Cloudy / クラウド: A bullet-like creature with arms. Flies along at a brisk speed, and moves in a counter-clockwise fashion when it hits an object. Try and corner it with bombs if possible

Puruparoon / プルプルーン: A black ball with eyes and what appear to be side-mounted propellors. Floats very slowly, aimlessly, and occasionally pauses and changes direction once in a while.


Geysers propel you upwards at a fast rate if you land on them. Just be cautious when using them - it's all too likely to just bounce into a pack of enemies.

Flip-boards serve as platforms, but if you jump on them (or jump into them from beneath), they flip, allowing Bomberman to pass through.

Electricity generators generate electricity between them periodically. Keep an eye on the timing and you should be safe.

Area 1

All the enemies in this world fly, but thankfully you're provided with a Remote Controller and heaps of Timers.
ITEMS: Fire Up, Remote Controller, Full Fire, Timer x 5
ENEMIES: Cloudy x 2, Puruparoon x 2

Area 2

No Timers here, but there are a pair of Wings and two Hearts, as well as a Remote Controller!
ITEMS: Bomb Up, Fire Up, Remote Controller, Heart x 2, Wings
ENEMIES: Cloudy x 3, Puruparoon x 2

Area 3

No Wings or Hearts this time. All of the Cloudys here can be picked off easily if you're careful, thanks to them being in spacious areas, or with the far right one, trapped on a single vertical axis.
ITEMS: Bomb Up, Speed Up, Remote Controller, Full Fire, Timer x 3
ENEMIES: Cloudy x 3, Puruparoon x 3

Area 4

It can be difficult to terminate those Cloudys without letting them get loose of their boundaries and run wild. Thankfully, there's the Wings and Heart, and even an Armored Jacket.
ITEMS: Bomb Up, Fire Up, Speed Up x 2, Armored Jacket, Heart, Wings
ENEMIES: Cloudy x 3, Puruparoon x 4

Area 5

At the border of the thick clouds, a frightening dinosaur fossil blocks Bomberman's way. It flutters through the darkened sky and throws its rattling bones at the little hero.

Pterastone / プテラストーン, unlike the previous bosses, will not return to the centre of the room to shoot bullets after being hit. This means with the Remote Controller, you don't even need to risk being killed, you can just run ahead of it and keep planting bombs for it to fly into. Without it, however, things can get sticky.
The more health you take off it, the faster it goes, and it attacks by deploying two skeleton heads to fly and chase after you, shooting bones at you, and the usual diagonal bullets. On the bright side, its movements are usually predictable, for ut spends most of the time flying diagonally around the room, but just be on your toes if ut switches things up. Requires 7 hits to defeat.
ITEMS: Bomb Up, Fire Up, Speed Up
page last modified: 29/10/2011