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Level names in brackets are from the Wario Blast manual. Levels are not named in Bomberman GB
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This world features no gimmickry. There are no environmental hazards, and neither you or the enemy have access to any special abilities.
As such, this is bare basic Bomberman battling. None of the opponents should be terribly challenging, especially with the game's primitive AI and suicidal tendencies.

Round 1-1

Round 1-2

Round 1-3

Boss: Teacuppun will deploy three enemies to hunt you down, and will shoot a projectile if you are in front of it. Requires 3 hits to defeat.
Defeating Teacuppun rewards you with the Bomb Kick ability.

The stage layouts begin deviating from the typical grid pattern now. Most importantly, there are warp pads that will teleport you around the map. They move in a clockwise pattern for Rounds 1 and 2, but will move counterclockwise in Round 3.

The player character has a brief delay before appearing on the receiving warp pad due to the screen scrolling, and has a second or two of temporary invincibility. Computer enemies have no delay or invincibility, and as such timing your bombs to detonate after they finish warping is a critical tactic for this stage.
The opponents will find any excuse to use a warp pad, so make use of that; kicking a bomb over a pad can make them easy pickings in the right circumstances.

Round 2-1

Round 2-2

Round 2-3

Boss: Komabe will move in a spiral path across the room, starting from the top. If you cross its path (within 3 tiles of it) it will throw a boomerang at you. It is vulnerable until it retrieves the boomerang. Requires 3 hits to defeat.
Defeating Komabe rewards you with the Dash ability.

Directional arrows litter the floor. If a bomb is kicked onto one of these, it will be redirected to wherever the arrow is pointing. Don't worry about having to develop new evasive tactics because of this; enemies will rarely (if ever) kick bombs unless cornered or by accident.

Round 3-1

Round 3-2

Round 3-3

Boss: Fuuwan will float in a zig-zagging figure-8 motion around the room; if you don't go near it during that time, it will then seek you out. Once you are nearby it will lower to the ground and shoot three projectiles in your direction. It is vulnerable while it is lowered.
Be aware that although the boss is 'floating' most of the time (and thus immune to bombs), it will still kill you on collision. Requires 4 hits to defeat.
Defeating Fuuwan rewards you with the Tackle ability.

For this world, all bombs have shorter fuses. Thus, they take half the time to explode. Be very wary of this when stringing together chains of bomb detonations, especially if you have collected a lot of Flame Panels; use the Dash ability to keep ahead of the detonations. Also, now that you have the Tackle, abuse it whenever possible - the short fuses will make for some easy kills.

The warp pads from Round 2 return. In Round 1 they warp you counterclockwise, in Round 2 they move in a zig-zagging downward-right pattern (think of the warp placement like a cartoon lightning bolt), and in Round 3 they move clockwise.

Round 4-1

Round 4-2

Round 4-3

Boss: Mad Flower and either one or two spinning flower petals will pursue your character slowly. If you destroy all the petals, it will spawn new ones; it alternates between spawning one or two at a time. It is vulnerable while spawning petals. Requires 4 hits to defeat.
Defeating Mad Flower rewards you with the Line Bomb ability.

Bomb fuses are back to their regular length.
Vents are on the ground; if bombed, gas will spew from the vent for several seconds or until a character walks into it. The gas will stun the character for a few seconds, about the same length as being hit with the Tackle. Be aware of the vents just so you don't become a sitting duck because of them, though they should be easy to avoid.

Round 5-1

Round 5-2

Round 5-3

Boss: Inabikarin will slowly float towards you. Once you are in its line of sight and within 3 tiles of it, its head will raise and a lightning bolt will be shot in that direction. It is vulnerable while its head is raised. Requires 6 hits to defeat.
Defeating Inabikarin rewards you with the Moto ability.

The floor is slippery, so Bomberman will continue to move an extra tile after you let go of the D-Pad. Soft blocks will also reform after 5 in-game seconds, though it seems this can be delayed by walking on the space where it used to be. Use the Motobomber to travel across hard blocks whenever it's convenient.

Round 6-1

Round 6-2

Round 6-3

Boss: Pukupuku will slowly pursue Bomberman. If you get within 3 tiles of it, it will shoot an icicle projectile in that direction. Its body will swell when hit with an explosion. After being bombed twice, it will explode after a short delay - get out of the way! Its explosion has maximum range. After exploding it will lie deflated; it is vulnerable while it is deflated. It will reform and the process repeats. Requires 3 hits (on its deflated form) to defeat.

The short fuses from Round 4 return. Round 2's bomb-redirecting arrows also make a comeback.
The pre-fight message (see game text) mentions a hidden easter egg. For the life of me, I've no idea what it's referring to. The best I can think of is that maybe the 7-1 map looks like it has the numbers "5" and "6" tiled across it.

Round 7-1

Round 7-2

Round 7-3

Boss: Gururin Knight will follow Bomberman. When Bomberman is within 3 tiles of it, it will begin swinging its sword. It is vulnerable while it is spinning its sword. After several hits, it will begin throwing its sword at Bomberman; the sword will return to the Knight after a certain distance. Again, it is vulnerable while it is without its sword. Requires 8 hits to defeat.

All characters will begin each match with maximum Bomb and Flame Panels. As such, there are no power-up items to be found from soft blocks.

Round 7-1

Round 8-2

Round 6-3

Boss: Death Bomber has multiple forms to defeat. Dying at any point will force you to redo the battle from the start.
The first form will spawn a missile from its chest to pursue Bomberman. If you get in front of Death Bomber, it will shoot its two laser cannons; stand in front of its chest to avoid them. If the missile is destroyed, it will spawn a new one. Death Bomber is only vulnerable while it is deploying a missile. Requires 3 hits to defeat.

The second form will slowly pursue you and throw its arms at you like a zigzagging boomerang if you are nearby. Death Bomber is vulnerable until its arms return. The arms are easy to avoid and give you plenty of time to attack. Requires 3 hits to defeat.

The final form is nothing but a floating head that moves a little faster. It chases after Bomberman and, when nearby, stops to shoot projectiles in four diagonal directions; as such, you're safe if you stand directly on its top, bottom, left or right. Death Bomber is vulnerable during the brief pause after it shoots projectiles but before it begins moving again. Requires 3 hits to defeat.

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