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The American manual can be downloaded at Games Database.

from page 9, "Normal Mode"

Find the Bomb Crystals and adventure through 10 areas!

This single-player mode lets you shed light on the mystery of the Bomb Crystal's peculiar mutations by adventuring through 10 areas. Touch the items and get stronger and stronger!

The Bomb Crystal unexpectedly glows and shatters into ten mysterious lights, which settle on various parts of the land.

The lights appear to corrupt the land with darkness and monsters. Bomberman sets out, and defeating the boss appears to restore the land to its former state, sending the light flying back to whence it came. His first destinations are Bomber Town and the nearby ruins, followed by boarding a passing pirate ship.

The pirate ship disappears into light and flies away, allowing Bomberman to proceed to the desert where he washes away the polluted water by defeating the boss. His journey leads him through a graveyard and a forest.

Bomberman scales the icy cliff towards the newly-formed volcano, leading him to a castle and finally the site of the Bomb Crystal.

The guardian of the site opposes Bomberman, but is felled. The lights are reunited to reform the Bomb Crystal, and everything's swell.

Hudson page

Hudson's official webpage for the game, touting all of the game's features - but more importantly, there's six nifty wallpapers to download!

Hudson press release (PDF)

A press release (dated May 18 2005) highlighting all the game's features and whatnot.

Ubisoft page

A basic publisher page with screenshots and ad copy. Also a UK version with a different banner.

A simple game entry page, featuring ad copy that the English websites would near-directly translate.


An early showcase of upcoming Nintendo DS games, though the third-party pages are rather spartan. This shows a preliminary title screen of 3D Bombermen standing around.

Surprise, it's more ad copy!

When it comes to explosive multiplayer action, you can't do better than Bomberman. In Bomberman DS, up to eight players can go head-to-head wirelessly by sharing just one Game Card, battling each other across both DS screens with all the classic Bomberman gameplay and power-ups. Some items, like the remote bomb, can also be activated by shouting into the DS microphone! Plus, fallen players can get revenge by flicking the Touch Screen to launch bombs at their opponents.

Bomberman DS also features a full single-player game, in which the DS' second screen is used to store power-ups which can be accessed at a moment's notice with a simple tap of the finger.

Fast, frenetic and full of friendship-ruining fun, Bomberman DS is da bomb!

From a long-gone game entry page on Nintendo's UK website; I no longer know the URL and the whole site's blocked on the Internet Archive, so this is all that's left!

Official Nintendo Magazine issue 07

BOMBERMAN DS: Though it's dull for one person, Bomberman DS is all about fantastic eight-way multiplayer gaming. What's more, you only need one cart to support you and your seven friends. 88%.

Dated September 2006; from a directory of fifty great Nintendo DS games.

Weekly Famitsu

[what issue was this in, and does anyone have a scan?

Awarded a 26 out of 40. [src]

Transcribed from the European version.
Hiromi Tomisawa

Tosiharu Ura
Reika Uda

Tetsuo Nakano

Hideki Yayama
Takeshi Murata

Art Director
Kazuhiko Nonaka

Game Designers
Yoshimori Aisaka
Kenichi Kaji

Yasuyuki Kid
Kenji Mitani
Itaru Nitanda
Masayuki Babata
Toshiaki Matuoka

Graphics Designer
Shuuichi Kajihara
Manjirou Ootuki
Hideaki Kuroda
Tomomi Fujihara
Tomoaki Kondou
Hiromasa Seki
Noboru Inoue
Makoto Shirato
Tomohiko Tanabe
Takeshi Yoshigai

Sound Designer
Morihiko Iwamoto

Ubisoft US Software
Publishing and Licensing

Tats Myojo
Michiko Fukai

Executive Producer
Dexter Chow

US Licensing Manager
Arisa Furugen

Production Planning
Alison Slavin

English Localization
Language Automation, Inc.

Voice Recording
PCB Productions

EMEA Marketing and Licensing
Yves Guillemot

EMEA Director
Alain Corre

EMEA Business Development Manager
Deborah Papiernik

EMEA Marketing Director
John Parkes

EMEA Group Manager
Bénédicte Germain

EMEA Brand Manager
Yohann Nobis
Julien Galou

Localisation Manager
Coralie Martin

Localisation Project Managers
Laurent Rigal
Loic Jacolin

French Localisation
Xavier Vibert

German Localisation
Dieter Pfeil
Stefan Dinger

Italian Localisation
Synthesis International Srl

Spanish Localisation
Synthesis Iberia SL

Test Studio - Functional Divison Manager
Marius Tudorel Potirniche

Test Studio - TRC Division Manager
Mircea Nutu

Leader Test
Dorel Ignat

Cosmin Cojocea
Dan Berbece
Iulian Braghin
Marcel Epure

QA Platform Specialists
Cosmin Cojocea
Dorel Ignat
Iulian Baraghin

Data Manger
Marius Mardale

Special Thanks To
Carlo Delallana
Frank Hom
James Regan
Jay Cohen
Josh Taillon
Laurent Detoc
Rich Kubiszweski


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