ONM Remembered – #450

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“Card games with a Poké twist!”

from Official Nintendo Magazine issue 114 (March 2002)

Who remembers the Pokémon Mini, eh?

Thought as much.

Besides the thrill of owning yet more Pokémon merchandise to milk our wallets dry, I never really saw the excitement behind these. I think even as a young’un, I knew when something was little more than a quick distraction. Why shell out £45 for a Pokémon Mini and game when I could get a proper Pokémon instalment on Game Boy for less that cost and octuple the content?

Of course, now I can see the excitement of a handheld cheap enough to not bring a frown to a parent’s face, and games that could probably be bought with a few weeks’ allowance. If the main games weren’t enough to satiate you, this must’ve been a great extra to a Poké-crazy kid. Not to mention it’s neat that there was even a Pokémon-centric handheld to begin with. Imagine if other franchises got the same treatment! A handheld Legend of Zelda where you could buy new adventure packs in separate cartridges would be a real treat, if fanmade projects hadn’t conquered that avenue already.

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