ONM Remembered – #439

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“So put down your copy of NOM, boot up your computer and get yourself access to the hottest Nintendo news on the internet.”

from Official Nintendo Magazine issue 119 (August 2002)

Ahh, the GameCube era of Nintendo’s official UK website. Nintendo’s sites has been through a real gamut of changes over the past couple of decades, beginning as the “Nintendo Power Source” and remaining that way right up until the end of the N64, and even featuring unique websites for F-Zero X and Ocarina of Time. Not just regular old promotional fluff, but stupid mini-games and bonuses and all sorts. I’ve talked about this before! I was actually about to investigate what the other revisions of the UK site looked like…

… and this is how they repay my interest. HOW DARE THEY!
(at least the american site’s old versions are still accessible, that’s where all the good stuff is)
(you see that? you could won yourself a compliment nintendo.co.uk, if you hadn’t pulled a stunt like that)

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