Super Marco Brothers

Tuesday, February 16, 2016 at 12:37 pm Comments (1)

Metal Slug: Missing in Action finally saw an update after five years! Don’t get your hopes up, though – although a debug menu in MS6 was discovered, it’s not hiding anything wild or exciting. I’m still holding out for a debug menu in Metal Slug Advance to be unearthed, and I am seriously tempted to offer a cash prize for it. I mean, check out the newly rewritten debug menu page – there’s at least six unused areas waiting to be discovered!

Anyway, thanks to all the Metal Slug fans who’ve somehow held out with this outdated site for so long. This update wouldn’t have been possible without reader submissions – I’m struggling to emphasise the “your input means so much!” part, and not in a “I’m counting on you to do all the work for me” manner. When all the easy discoveries are done and the rest relies on hacking, I’m kinda out of my depth!

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  • Tsauruvian Empire says:

    Found this by chance. It’s good to know that someone is holding down the fort from the Metal Slug Database Forums days and beyond. Good content and keep up the great work.

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