ONM Remembered – #312

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“Loads of Toadies partying with Mazza, Lazza, and, erm, Wazza.”

from N64 Magazine issue 23 (December 1998)

Some screens from the just-released Mario Party before it reached our shores. For how much I loved the game once I got my hands on it, the preview didn’t do a lot for me! That said, it is a difficult game to properly convey until you see it in action, or have a few pages to dedicate to it. For the longest time I thought it was a fighting game, based solely off a screenshot of the crane mini-game. When you see it as a still, it totally looks like exaggerated grappling action. Kinda disappointed it wasn’t, actually. There’s something amusing about the mental image of these squat, low-poly cartoon characters doing arm-bars on each other.

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