ONM Remembered – #310

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“Make your way to the end of this level and you’ll be horrendously beaten by a huge bloke with a frisbee. Makes you wonder whether it’s all really worth it…”

from 64 Magazine volume 9 (1998)

Yet another review of Mortal Kombat Mythologies, and believe it or not, a surprisingly in-depth and positive one! The game’s quirks are acknowledged, but the reviewer appears invested enough to power through it and talk about what the game’s really like, past its clunky surface level.
It’s always appreciated to see folks review notoriously ‘bad’ games like this and venture beyond basic player complaints and into what the game is trying to accomplish. I mean, we all know Superman 64 has jank controls, but has anyone dared to conceive what it set out to accomplish? Not that such thought experiments actually makes the games any better or anything, but kudos regardless.

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