ONM Remembered – Total Test Week, day 7

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“I was quite looking forward to playing around with a young Japanese girl, when I heard that I could save my plane fare by getting a hold of Wonder Project 2.”

from Total 64 volume 1 issue 12

It’s a pity that Total 64’s Reviews Round-Up is such an eyesore, because it’s probably the best summarised reviews among the magazines. They’re not even abbreviations, per se, but more like second opinions – ratings are adjusted to account for the passage of time and arrival of fresh competition, which is a commendable inclusion. Early FPS efforts like Duke Nukem 64 and Turok were fine in their day, but in the wake of Goldeneye they don’t even compare, and have their scores bumped down accordingly.

It’s an approach to scoring that I respect and would love to see more of; something that doesn’t feel like an arbitrary number just for that game, but an overall rating across the entire console’s library. When you’re looking up old games to buy, sometimes you’d like an after-the-fact opinion: was this game genuinely good, worthy of its 8 out of 10 score, or was that only because there was nothing better at the time? Mind you, I imagine that’d be difficult to upkeep, not just because keeping that ethos on point would be tough, but because there’s only so many pages available in a magazine!

And with that, we’ve burned through yet another theme week! On Tuesday the column resumes its usual content, and I have to start talking about more general subjects again. Phooey!

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