ONM Remembered – #266

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“Blimey. The wonders of modern technology. And can you believe they’re only going to cost you about 60 squid? What a bargain!”

from Official Nintendo Magazine issue 97 (October 2000)

ONM got proper excited for the reveal of the Game Boy Advance, praising every single facet of its design, from the improved hardware to its selection of games – even the new placement of the power switch is declared “dead handy.” Their noses couldn’t be any browner.
As exciting as these pages were, it’s tough to keep myself from being a snarky shit whenever I see them now. That GameCube-to-GBA connectivity felt like an obstacle more than an asset, that GB Mobile System was a farce, and can you believe they changed those Mario Kart graphics for the final release?! Forget the multi-player in Super Mario 64 DS, I’m still bitter about this. Nothing riles me up more than sweet graphics getting dumped!

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