ONM Remembered – #227

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“One on Ones like in golden eye 007”

from N64 Magazine issue 12 (February 1998)

More cracking fan-made game ideas, all based off of hit TV shows! The A-Team! Sharpe! And… snooker. Well, there’s always a dud, isn’t there. I mean, who’s heard of Sharpe?
A game based off The A-Team (that didn’t revolve around Mr. T’s giant disembodied head) would be ace, though developing something that captures the fun and teamwork of the show without being a total bore would be a challenge.

Also, I may not know a thing about Sharpe
some cracker horse bum artistry to be found here
…but I know brilliant concept art when I see it. My only suggestion: drop the riders, give the horses the guns. Now you’re talking.

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