ONM Remembered – #223

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“Mazza’s infamous two fingered salute is just one of the things that’s gonna be updated.”

from Official Nintendo Magazine issue 85 (October 1999)

Some fast sidebar news! Almost every item listed here became irrelevant or redundant pretty quickly, so let’s break it down:
1) “Links’ also returning in THREE new Game Boy Color adventures.” This project eventually mutated into the The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages. The third instalment never came to be, though it was allegedly meant to be a remake of the original NES game, which would’ve been nifty. It wouldn’t have been fun having to cram it onto that tiny screen, though.

2) “Mario’s gonna grow up for his next adventure.” No, you plonker, he didn’t mean it like that. Stay tuned this week for Miyamoto directly answering this!

3) “The ultimate retro classic has been revamped for the year 2000.” Space Invaders did indeed see an N64 release, but only in the United States. It did include a boomerang gun, though. Surely that counts as a surprise?

4) “Pok√©mon is bigger than Star Wars, The Phantom Menace. Fact!” Pikachu outselling Darth Maul on the toy shelves? I’ll believe it, given the dearth of Darth Maul figures back then. You got at least three flavours of Anakin to choose from (including Anakin in his dopey ceremonial face paint at the end, I’m pretty sure), but Maul? Son of a bitch had one version, and they all got gaffled immediately. I wasn’t kidding when I said Star Wars fatties would “kill your family for a Galactic Heroes Yoda & Kashyyyk Trooper twin pack” [src].

5) “The crazy, leapin’ lizard is back to save the day.” Gex: Enter The Gecko on Game Boy Color was a bloody awful game and I encourage – nay, demand! – someone come along and defend it, because holy cow, that game was a pile.

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