ONM Remembered – #209

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“The X-Box prototype came with an appalling controller that creaked and groaned when it was squeezed, and an analogue stick that could best be described as evil.”

from N64 Magazine issue 41 (May 2000)

The early days of the GameCube hype train, back when it was still the Dolphin, had absolutely no known footage or games, and thought publicly trolling its third-party developers at the Game Developers Conference was a good idea. At least we got a chuckle out of it.
Aside from the proposed release dates being way out of whack with when they were really released – Europe didn’t get the GameCube ’til the end of Spring 2002! – there’s not much to be read into this, outside of a reminder of how dodgy that original Xbox was in its development. It is interesting that Retro Studios, Left Field Productions and Nintendo Software Technologies all get a mention when their output was slim to nil by the time this was printed. The little guys deserve mention too, I suppose!

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