ONM Remembered – #120

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“Let’s hope it’s not a Mega Man Kart game.”

from Total 64 volume 1, issue 12 (unknown date)

Total 64 were right daft and didn’t include the release date on any of their magazines, which is a mite frustrating. This one probably dates from late 1997, though.

So, what became of these Capcom titles? The Ghouls ‘n’ Ghosts game went through development hell before morphing into Maximo, which was later released on the PlayStation 2; the Mega Man game was eventually revealed to be a mere port of Mega Man Legends (I don’t know if that was the intention all along, or if they had meant to make an N64-exclusive game before becoming lazy sods)… and the racing game, as far as I can tell, never materialised! I thought it was Mickey’s Speedway USA, but I just looked it up and it turns out Rare made that. Capcom did make a Disney Tetris game, though. Because what the N64 absolutely needed was more Tetris games.

Amusingly, another magazine (N64 Magazine, I believe) around the same time reported this news, with a statement from Capcom claiming they had no interest in bringing their biggest franchises, Resident Evil or Street Fighter, to the N64 because they were hoping to present a more family-friendly image. Which is something Ninty could probably have done without. Resident Evil 2 did eventually make an appearance on N64, but I imagine by that point it was too little too late.

And I guess that Frogger game never saw release either, huh? Disappointment of the decade, for sure.

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