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ONM Remembered – #87

“Imagine this – one day you’re happily practising your samurai techniques when up pops a bloke out of nowhere, telling you that the world you live in has been completely changed! Obviously this is likely to worry you a bit.”

from Nintendo Pro issue 33 (2000)

Nintendo Pro is not exactly a mag you pick up for the reviews. Its previews aren’t worth checking out either. Nor are its cheats, its exclusive features, its letters pages… but if you like giant artwork, page-filling screenshots and lots of speech bubbles, they’ve got you covered!

I’ve heard plenty of crap being thrown in Daikatana‘s direction for all manner of reasons, from the outdated tech to the torturous development cycle to full page ads of John Romero inviting people to munch on his cock… but what about the game itself?
Well, this review does little to enlighten me. There’s, what, four paragraphs of text, and then a quick summary from the two “reviewers”? Not exactly informative. Besides, I don’t know if I’d trust the opinion of a man who looks like he’s swallowed a sombrero.