ONM Remembered – #81

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from Official Nintendo Magazine issue 58 (July 1997)

Fake button codes! Don’t you just love ’em? There’s something almost innocent about the era of completely bogus cheats, because, honestly, who knew what lurked inside a game’s memory? Who’s to say there wasn’t an extra hidden island hidden beyond the top of Super Mario World‘s map screen? What proof is there that the Battletoads aren’t in Super Smash Bros.? I mean, maybe those kids were right about their uncles working at Nintendo.
Nowadays, there are so many hacking tools and people capable of using them that any claim can be debunked fairly quickly. Hacking credentials or not, I’m pretty freakin’ sure Bugs Bunny isn’t in Mario Kart 64.
(prove me wrong, folks!)

And being Seal’s Sea-Mail, you should know what to expect: more plotting against the allegedly-nefarious Simon Clays, and Seal requesting people to draw pictures of anthropomorphic fish in miniskirts.

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