ONM Remembered – #71

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“The only thing more shocking was when I saw Orko without his hood on.”

from Official Nintendo Magazine issue 148 (January 2005)

Don’t you just love this? The re-release of old Nintendo titles on the Game Boy Advance, presumably combined with fat stacks of liquor, prompts the ONM staff to review games while masquerading as 1980s pop culture icons. As reviews, they’re rather uninformative and barebones, but as an excuse for Mr. T to talk about the size of his hands and Michael Jackson to describe the special faeces-protected GBA he got for his monkey, it’s fun reading.
This is the sort of insane nonsense that’d make anyone leap at the chance to get into games journalism: so you can walk around and say to anyone within earshot, “I got paid to pretend to be Roland Rat and talk about Ice Climbers.”

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