ONM Remembered – #52

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from 64 Solutions volume 2 (11 December 1997)

Here’s Toby!
This aggressive adolescent and his oddball antics were responsible for advertising Computer Exchange (now known as CEX) in the pages of 64 Magazine and 64 Solutions. I totally loved this stuff, and it was worth the price of admittance of the otherwise unremarkable magazines – when’s the last time an ad for a gaming store was a fully-fledged comic?
It probably shouldn’t come as a surprise that cynical bastard responsible for such bitter and despicable comics is Charlie Brooker. You know, that bloke from Newsswipe? 10 O’Clock Live? That column in The Guardian? That guy. He’s a funny fella.

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2 Responses to “ONM Remembered – #52”

  • Still amazed that some of these were allowed to be published. My favourite is the one where Toby tries to hold up Santa, only for Santa to get Rudolph to hold him at gun point and demand to know where the cheap games are. And then after Toby tells him, Rudolph blows his brains out anyway!

  • Ragey says:

    Hahaha, aw man, I wish I’d seen that one! I’ve only two more Here’s Tobys in my collection, and although one of them features Toby causing a horrible plane crash, none of them involve Santa Claus. :{

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