ONM Remembered – #43

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from Official Nintendo Magazine issue 68 (May 1998)

Did you know that Goldeneye wasn’t the only offering of James Bond on a Nintendo console? Why, on the dinky little Game Boy you could wrap your paws around a micro-sized non-descript 007 adventure, all for the low low price of [TBA]!

Like pretty much every game featured in this column, I haven’t played it and thus can’t speak for its quality (though I can link to this video for no reason other than I got a laugh out of it), but the review’s description of it is really charming. A globe-spanning, crime-busting, lady-killing adventure, all in a single Game Boy cartridge! With really adorable old-fashioned graphics! It actually reminds me of the Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon game for Game Boy – which was spectacularly crap, but at least had that quaint top-down Game Boy look that I love so much.

Retro homage or not, we won’t be seeing licensed games looking like this anytime soon. Shame.

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