ONM Remembered – #40

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“Great Vargon! The Emperor’s son is dead!”

from N64 Magazine issue 23 (December 1998)

Oh, hell yeah, the F-Zero X website!!
You might have gathered that I absolutely love internet history, as evidenced by my foolish attempt to backup every goddamned Bomberman site in history. It’s a dumb little obsession, but when you have amazing things like AN OFFICIAL F-ZERO WEBCOMIC forever lost to the ages, can you forgive me for being a little torn-up by it?

Sadly, I can’t say “aw yeah, I checked the website every week, it was so boss!” or “that one story arc where Jody Summer and Octoman were trapped inside a boobie-trapped port-a-potty was just unmissable!” I checked it out once or twice, but I can’t remember any of the events in the comics I read.
All I remember is that the site had a nifty page with bios for all of the game’s racers, complete with that nifty artwork. I think a few of those bio pages are still accessible in the Internet Archive, but the comic is long-gone. Sadly, since the fzerox.com domain became a redirect for Nintendo’s main site, you’ll have a tough time trying to find anything relevant if you decide to thumb through the file directory.

It’s been nearly fifteen years and I’ve never seen anyone suddenly appear with an archive of the comics, so I can safely say we’ll never be seeing them again. What I would pay for a little hindsight…

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