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ONM Remembered – #38

“And that, really, is it. That’s all you do. That AND NOTHING ELSE.”

from N64 Magazine issue 13 (March 1998)

One of N64 Magazine’s claims to fame was its dedication to reviewing and previewing import games. Most of them found a UK release over here anyway, and of the ones that didn’t… well, you didn’t exactly lose sleep over not getting to play them.

Tim Weaver shines a spotlight on the culturally-baffling world of Pachinko; he’s a man you can count on to make an amusing read out of a dreadful game. One might wonder why on earth they would dedicate themselves to reviewing import games, and then review ones that no one in the UK would remotely be interested in playing. My only guess is that import stores wanted stuff like this off their hands real fast, and would sell them at a discount; places like Play-Asia can be seen doing this on occasion. So for someone who’s just dipping their toe into import gaming, they probably wouldn’t want to splash out on their first purchase. Pachinko World 64 sounds like the title of a strange and quirky 3D platformer, doesn’t it? Let’s give that a try, then! Oh, the tears that were shed.
Either way, it’s an amusing review.