ONM Remembered – #10

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“The wheel also clamps to a desk or sits comfortably on your lap. 9/10”

from Official Nintendo Magazine issue 118 (July 2002)

The N64 era for Official Nintendo Magazine kept up with a lot of third-party accessories. In the index of games (Total Test), you’d find reviews for third-party controllers, memory cards, rumble paks and other miscellaneous accessories. I suppose back in those days people were more adventurous with the kind of accessories they bought? I almost wanted to say “back in those days people had more money to throw around,” but I didn’t follow the economic growth in that year. I think I just wanted to say it because it’s the sort of thing anyone says in any conversation nowadays. Fuck you, recession, stop dictating the way we talk!

In the GameCube era, you were lucky to find anything about controllers or memory cards. Heck, I never even knew they even made non-standard controllers for the GameCube! Seeing these while skimming through the old mags was a real eye-opener. I could have been playing Mario Kart Double Dash!! with a proper wheel and pedals all that time ago! … and it still wouldn’t have made the game any better!
That Gamester Pro Racer controller looks absolutely bonkers. I’d love to know how it feels when used for non-racing games. Mind you, I’ve my own share of busted GameCube controllers, so I don’t need more that I’ll never use. Love that purple colouration, though. Why aren’t video game controllers pretty any more?

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