Back from the melting pot

Tuesday, April 17, 2012 at 10:40 am Comments (2)

Oh, hey. I went away to England for nine days to see my brother (who for those who like internet continuity, I mentioned was moving to England way back in early 2011). I thought of leaving a message, but I figure, who would notice? The blog’s been totally untouched for weeks at a time at this rate, and I don’t have the excuse of “I’m busy”. I don’t think watching more movies than I can remember, playing Rayman Origins all week and attending not one but two barbeques qualifies as being “busy”. That’s more akin to “chillin’ the hell out”.

I had a good time, t’was fun catching up with my brother and seeing the English way of life. I admit my perception of England, in comparison to Northern Ireland, can be summed up as “big and awkward.” Huge roads, huge buildings, huge gardens, and really awkward navigation. Not that that’s necessarily a bad thing – it gives the place a bit of identity, I guess! Mind you, that might have been because I was staying just outside the London region. I did visit York a few years ago, but it was basically Belfast except bigger and just as unappealing.

But I didn’t go to England to see England, I went there to see my bro! And I certainly enjoyed catching up with him.
… I don’t think there’s much else to say, I guess. Boring brother stuff, y’know.
I did write up stuff on the movies I watched and books I read, so I might chuck them in as blog entries throughout the week. I wrote a long ramble on Inception where I stretched out one joke across as many paragraphs and possible. Let’s see much ire that’ll generate!

Today’s observation: Who the hell put a lemon in the dishwasher?

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2 Responses to “Back from the melting pot”

  • Wes says:

    Wait, you don’t live in England? And where you live isn’t exactly like it? MY MIND IS BLOWN.

    I think you need to move to Scotland and then invite me over. I think I’m in love with Scottish accents.

    (Also, when the hell did you get back? I totally missed a week somewhere — it was like you just left!)

  • Ragey says:

    I arrived back in Northern Ireland on the 15th, but I’ve barely done a thing since I got back – I’ve just been totally zonked! That’s why it’s taken me this long to reply to all these comments: I looked at them, thought about replying, and then just kind of collapsed back into a vegetative state.

    Also, I prefer not to move to a brand new location based solely on your personal fetishes, buddy. :p

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