Bomb on board

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Watched Flightplan a couple of days ago. It’s a bit like two films wedged together – one is an atmospheric, almost psychological thriller about a crazy lady on a plane who claims to be missing a child, but there’s a bunch of evidence that she never had a child on the flight at all – and the last half hour is a very cookie-cutter-if-ridiculous “single mom thwarts impractical terrorist threat” plot. I’d try and wrap my head around how the bad guy actually organised his scheme or what he even wanted, for that matter, but it’s the sort of dumb thing that isn’t worth wasting time thinking about.

My beef with the first two thirds of the movie is that, well, there’s not a lot of mystery you can milk from a missing girl on a plane. Someone looks for her, Jodie Foster rants to someone, rinse and repeat. The movie is like 70% Jodie Foster bitching at people. When the movie finally starts suggesting that maybe the kid wasn’t there, it’s almost intriguing…? And then it decides, nah, let’s not go with that angle, it might actually turn the story on its head – and it turns out the air marshal was the bad guy! Admittedly it does get a bit more engaging, if just because stuff happens that isn’t Jodie running up and down the aisle harping at people about why aren’t they doing this, that and the other.
It’s hard to emphasise the contrast in mood. The way the opening part of the movie is shot, at least to a tired and addled mind like mine, it felt very ethereal and arty, so the possible twist that there was no child at all and Jodie Foster be crazy felt like it would’ve started a dive into crazy self-examining art film. Which would’ve been interesting. Then it’s like someone went, “that’s not what I want in a movie! I want AMERICA SAVES THE DAY” and the totally illogical terrorist scheme was shoved in. Maybe it is logical and I’m just too tired to comprehend. Point is, it felt pretty different, almost as if I had come in and rewritten the script. Low quality and no accounting for taste and everything. Now that would’ve been a twist!

(I honestly have no idea what I’m typing at the moment. Sleep would be nice.)

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4 Responses to “Bomb on board”

  • The Earley Plumber says:

    I fell asleep when I went to see this movie in the cinema. The only thing I remember from the ending is a big explosion… or a gunshot… I can’t remember. Then afterwards we all went for ice cream.

    However, I still knew that Sean Bean was behind it all along.

  • Ragey says:

    Yeah, Jodie Foster blows up the front of the plane while the bad guy is still inside. While she was literally sitting on the outside of the plane. I’ve no idea how the heck that’s meant to work, but I can live with it if I just pretend I missed the scene that explains every dumb thing in the movie.

  • Wes says:

    OH MY GOD I HATED FLIGHTPLAN. I think it’s the only audio review I ever did on Scary-Crayon. That movie sucked and was racist to boot.

  • MightyKombat says:

    The only thing I know Sean Bean for that isn’t GoldenEye is Sharpe.

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