Madsen Attacked!

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I’ve been playing a lot of 24: The Game lately. I never really followed the show nor did I see it as the best damn thing to grace television since sliced bread (it is a little known fact that in 1964 sliced bread staged a takeover of all known television stations in Ukraine, and people hailed it as the best television ever), but I quite enjoyed what I watched of season 3. My brother, being a big fan back then, bought this game before I even had a PS2, and it’s actually not a bad little package. The gameplay offers no unique surprises, but it captures the atmosphere of the TV show frighteningly well – the movie scenes genuinely look like scenes from the actual show, recreated with PS2-quality 3D models! If that’s not a selling point, I don’t know what is.

But I’m not here to waffle about the game, though (I’ll probably review it the next time I update Games I Own, Like & Hate) – I’m here to talk about a glitch.

In Mission 23, Madsen Attacked, you’ve got to protect a terrorist leader from being killed by other terrorists. In the first half, you snipe them from afar until an armoured truck ploughs through the base. In the second half, enemies pour into the base and you have to take them on in close-quarters combat.
The problem is that, if things mess up, there’s only one enemy in the base. Once that goon is dead, nothing else happens. You can only wander around the warehouse with no threat occurring. If any enemies are left alive outside, they stand idly in place, refusing to move anywhere. Sniping all the enemies accomplishes nothing either. Your only option is to restart the mission.
… and then the same problem will happen again!

As far as I’m aware, this happens in all versions of the game, NTSC, PAL or otherwise. There’s a few questions about it online in a variety of forums and answer sites, though nobody ever personally guarantees that someone else’s answer worked for them.
I figure I might as well write down what I did to circumvent the glitch, and if it works for anyone else, that’s super.

  • 1) Restart the mission. Chase should be told to go to the water tower.
  • 2) Quit to the title screen (or turn off the console, either option should work).
  • 3) Select Load Game and load your file. The movie scene that starts with Jack, Tony and Ryan Chappelle should play. (apparently letting this movie scene play is important to getting the second half of the mission to work, though I’m not 100% certain – doesn’t hurt to do it, though)
  • 4) When the mission starts, DON’T KILL ANY ENEMIES. You can kill your allies, sure, just don’t harass any of the bad guys. Go hide in a corner or something.
  • 5) When the armoured truck arrives, the enemies should follow it into the base. When the second half begins, the enemies should spawn and function correctly. Eliminate them all, and the mission is complete!

It’s a dumb glitch with a dumb solution, and I’ve no idea what causes the problem, or what solves it, for that matter! I wonder if the game expects a certain number of villains to be alive by the time the truck arrives – it clearly keeps track of who’s alive, as if you fail during the second half with the glitch in place, there’ll still be only one enemy when you retry (and failing after avoiding the glitch will have everyone alive if you didn’t kill anyone). Does killing too many people confuse the enemy AI, hence why the survivors outside do nothing and no new enemies spawn? Who knows.

Definitely one of my more niche blog entries, isn’t it?

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